Reasons for the Decrease of Page Rank

In one of his recent blogs, Matt Cutts of Google answered the query raised by news publication firm. The page rank of news publication firm’s website’s, which was 7, had faced a drop and reached to 3. Clueless, the website administrator of news publication requested an explanation. In the explanation, adherence to the optimisation guidelines framed by Google was mainly highlighted by the respondent. That several websites face drops of 30 percent to 50 percent, was also figuratively mentioned by the professional. 

If the SEO guidelines by Google have to be summarised in a gist, it would prohibit transaction of links for links, money and/or services. In addition to it, link generation with the help of software is also prohibited. Besides, irrelevant links to irrelevant webpages is a clear indication of contrivance of terms. Cross-linking with partner pages that have been exclusively created for the purpose may seem evasive but is not. Too much linking is suspicious too. Thus, these techniques of optimisation must be abstained from. 

In his blog, the respondent explained the guidelines with anonymous reference to the news publication’s situation. Apart from the answer to the query, he also referred respective webmaster to a few articles and post at the website by providing links to those pages. Webmasters can immensely benefit from those links as techniques to avoid passing of page rank are mentioned there. The bottom line regarding optimisation for Google is provision of relevant information through the website so that users find it useful and unintentionally make it popular.

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