How to Design an Impressive Home Page

Visiting the home page is something that everybody does when they see a website. It helps visitors decide whether they want to visit the site again in future or not. Designing a home page might sound difficult for some. Several questions might arise in your mind with regards to the contents of the page. You might wonder whether it should have some similarity with the other pages of the site or you might have doubts regarding the goal of the website. Well! As a matter of fact, home pages don’t have to be complex. All you need to keep in mind is the goal of the website. Once you are clear about what you want to express, designing one becomes simple.

The first and foremost ingredient of a perfect home page is the tagline. It pretty much expresses the key motive of your company to the audience. It doesn’t matter whether you are well established in your industry or not. Even if your company has already gained considerable amount of reputation, it is better to include a tagline which summarizes what you do.  There might be customers who are visiting your home page for the first time. Tagline is extremely essential during scenarios where the marketing slogan is not up to the mark. It comes to your rescue by providing a clear picture on your brand.

You need to include a Window Title that helps generate more traffic to your website in the Search Engines. In addition to search engines these titles should help increase your company’s visibility in the bookmark lists as well. You need to start the title tag by typing the name of your company and then include an attractive line about your website. Avoid using words such as ‘The” or “Welcome to”. Instead make the appropriate choice of words related to your company.

Usually when someone visits your site for the first time, chances are that he might not be very interested in gathering information about your organization. However, there are certain people who might be interested. And in particular if you are planning to hire people, it might be necessary. It is better to include a section for including details about the company because it is helpful for audience who wish to know more about your company.

The home page of your company should be able to clearly guide customers to what they are looking for in the site. Search box is an integral part of every website. If someone wants to look for particular information, he will definitely expect to find a place for searching information in the home page. Visitors usually feel comfortable if it is in the form of a small box where they can type and search for any type of information. When you design your search box, keep in mind that the user should be able to type up to 25 characters. That should be the width of the box.

You need to cite examples and reveal a couple of good contents on the home page. Usually what customers do is that they read the entire page hoping to find something that they are looking for. For this, you have to make use of links in the home page and make it a point to include unique words in all the links. This will make it simpler and easier for users to differentiate between the links. One of the mistakes that company owners do while designing is that they include the name of the company in all the links. It is not of much use to customers.

Customers find it easy to register the names of products, promotions and certain articles that were there on the home page. The problem is that they won’t remember where exactly to find them.  You can make their jobs simpler by creating a list of the recent features on the home page.

Never try to use flashy colors for highlighting the important items for customers avoid such things by mistaking them as advertisements. Instead of decorating the homepage with designs that are irrelevant, make use of meaningful and simple designs. Add pictures of actual people who are related to your company instead of going for voguish models.

Follow these guidelines for designing an effective and attractive homepage. Good Luck!

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