Lotus Notes: A Cost Effective Alternative for Expensive Software


Lotus Notes and LotusLive Once upon a time the Lotus software belonging to IBM since 1995 was the most popular one in the market. Lotus 123 was one of their products which was excellent for excel sheet and which caused the changes in the spreadsheets. Lotus Notes also did the same function later, and was perfect with the spread sheets. Later when Microsoft launched itself in the market it dominated the market leaving behind Lotus and they both became rivals in the matter of cloud computing. Lotus live could have become the ideal package for cloud based software.

Lotuslive is a complete set of programs that be installed for a cloud hosting purpose and that too very easily. It can be collectively used along with other programs and applications; Lotus Notes is also a similar package belonging to the same family and equally popular amongst the users as Lotuslive.

Lotuslive is such friendly software that its gets along with other set-ups like Skype, Salesforce and LinkedIn with the requisite key for CMS system, the best among business. Content Management System is a very crucial factor that needs to be linked with the social media for business to run effectively and properly. Looking after Multi Company projects, instant file sharing, instant messaging can only be done through CMS if it has Connections and Lotus Notes are the most distinguished software used for mailing.

Lotus has been the provider of IBM client based software since the 1990s for IBM equipments. There were a series of software by IBM for use in the office and companies and Lotus Notes was the most loved and popular one amongst the users. The use of internet has become popularized at a great speed and people are more dependent on internet rather than the phones or faxes. Lotuslive is a great method of communication and the future. It is estimated that by 2015 from now onwards many big companies will switch over to Lotus live and it’s a cost effective method of communication. Because of its attractive and cost effective features more and more companies will be compelled to use it. Lotus is in line with some of the apps of Google and Microsoft 365 therefore it will have a tough competition with them, but due to its cost effectiveness it has a considerable Market Share. It is less expensive as compare to its competitors and attractive for the people looking for a cost effective alternative for expensive software.

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