Some Widgets for Android Users

Some people who do not want hand out too much of their hard-earned cash for iPads opt instead to purchase Android tablets. There are so many manufacturers under the Android banner, so the consumer is presented with many choices, from Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, to the latest Google device, the Nexus 7 (which incidentally is also the first device running on Android’s latest operating system, Jelly Bean).  Besides, users of the iPad don’t have a monopoly on the fun.  Android users can also do fun things with their tablets, like installing some widgets that can make their Android tablets more personalized.   Here are some of these widgets:

  • TweetDeck

This is for those who constantly want to be updated on the goings on in the Twitter universe. There are three options that you can choose from depending on your level of addiction to Twitter and tweeting. What makes the TweetDeck widget great is that it updates you with all the latest tweets of your contacts faster than the Twitter site itself.  So, TweetDeck is a great widget especially for those with slower Wi-Fi connections.

  • Google Reader

The home screen widget of Google’s Reader app picks up the latest from your RSS feeds and pops it up on your Android home screen. It basically acts as a ticker of your most-read RSS feeds, a must for heavy RSS users. So, if you want to get updates on all your feeds ASAP, this is the widget to install on your tablet’s home screen.

  • S2 Calendar Widget

Those who want to see their calendars at a glance on their tablet home screens will like this widget. What’s great about this widget is that it is customizable. You can edit the background colors, choose your desired font, change the default action when you press the widget, and so much more.   Looking at the date has never been more fun, so you may  sell your iPad because you’re entertaining thoughts of  switching to an Android device.

  • Facebook for Android

The Facebook for Android widget is one nifty addition to the Home screen of those who constantly want to stay  updated on what’s happening among their Facebook contacts. It has an unobtrusive look with only a text box to enter your latest status update, and a list of the latest status updates from your contacts.  It’s the simplified version of the most popular social media network to inform you of all the latest.


  • Weather Channel

 The widget of the Weather Channel app is useful for those who have an active interest in the weather. You can choose among different widget shapes to suit the layout of your Home screen. This is one of the apps that have been optimized for Android tablets, making the choice easy for weather enthusiasts who don’t want to spend too much cash for iPads.  You will also be instantly informed of the temperature and even humidity percentage in your area through this widget.


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