Ways To Get More SEO Value From Blog

A blog is the second most important asset after a corporate or company website. A blog if handled well, then it can be of great value to SEO program. In this article it is discussed about the ways for how to get more SEO value from your blog. It will help you bring more traffic to your site.

5 Ways to get more SEO value from company blog:

• Target long tail keywords: make use of long tail keywords (that is keywords involving more than two words) in your content as well as in title. There can be the chances that you have some of the keywords which you are not able to optimize it on your website and in this case blog is the best place where you can optimize those keywords. Long tail keywords are beneficial because they are less competitive and hence your blog post will have a better chance in SERPs.

• Incorporate relevant anchor text and link it with your website: Most of the companies don’t take advantage of their blog for link building. But this can be very beneficial as it can bring traffic to your website. If you have a sub domain of blog, then it would obviously be integrated into the design of your website but you should still link your blog posts individually to various internal pages on your website.

• Add social share buttons: Make it easier for the readers to share the content. For this add social media sharing buttons so that the user can share it directly from that page and will not require to leave the blog. Add the social sharing buttons on the top or the bottom of the blog posts.

• Promote the content anywhere: Publish the snippets of your blog posts on various social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google + profiles etc. By publishing a snippet of your blog post you are pushing the readers back to your blog for reading the full blog posts. You must also publish the content on social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon as it is a great source of traffic. Bookmarking a post and as soon as it goes live, the post indexed much faster in search engines.

• Install SEO plugins: There are lots of Plugins which you can install to optimize your blog posts. One of the best which I consider is YOAST. This plugin allows the blogger to customize the title tag, list the meta keywords and customize the meta description. And these all are the things which a searcher will read in the SERPs.

A blog is really a great asset to drive traffic to your website if handled or leveraged effectively. With the increasing competition in internet marketing, creating a blog along with their website has become essential for every business owner to achieve success

This is a guest post by Tony Rolland of SEOranksmart.com, a site that offers internet marketing and search engine optimization services.

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