Exploring the Domain of SAP BASIS

SAP BASIS is a technology platform supporting all SAP applications. It consists of services from database communication to high level tools for administrators and end users. The field of SAP BASIS is quickly gaining traction and its skill is highly in demand by IT companies. This has led to the creation of new job opportunities. The following article is an introduction to SAP Basis and the jobs in this sphere.

An Overview of BASIS

In SAP BASIS, SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products while BASIS is the abbreviation for Business Application Software Integrated Solution. BASIS is a module or function, which includes Materials, Finance, Production and Quality in SAP.

This administering program oversees the SAP Application using the transactions or tools existing under the BASIS component. Under SAP BASIS component, there are various operations such as creating user, backing up and restoring, assigning access rights and checking the performance. For those seeking to work in this segment, jobs like SAP Basis Administrator are available. Here you will be responsible for administering the SAP application via tools and transactions under BASIS component.

Up to SAP version 4.6, only BASIS was available and the other functional components were merely add-ons, whereas with the introduction of newer versions like SAP 4.7, BASIS has been integrated with the other functional modules.

SAP BASIS Training

A niche IT skill, SAP BASIS is the need of the hour for IT firms. The requirement for professionals with the know-how of SAP BASIS is constantly on the rise but there is a smaller number of capable and experienced candidates present in the IT market, and so the demand outdoes the supply. Due to this reason, SAP BASIS jobs are paying handsomely.

In order to find a SAP BASIS job, like that of a Basis Consultant, there are various training institutes that offer training in SAP BASIS but only a few have the appropriate infrastructure for the purpose of live practical training.

Landing a SAP BASIS Job

In order to be a BASIS Consultant, you must possess hands-on working experience with live production servers. Certain institutes, such as NIIT and Genovate offer great learning opportunities for aspirants. The SAP courses offered by Siemens are considered valuable as the company is the authorized and registered educational partners for SAP. Once you complete the training, the institutes may invite IT firms for campus recruitments. Furthermore, you can apply for jobs through job search sites.

Aspirants need to have experience on live servers as the training environment cannot create all possible scenarios. Installing SAP at home computers is also not adequate. The following are three of the most crucial necessities for being a proficient BASIS consultant.

  • The understanding of SAP – how it works, about the architecture, the transactions etc.

  • Proper knowledge of operating systems like Windows, Unix and Linux. This will help you quickly resolve technical issues and deeply analyze matter associated with operating systems. The experience of working on Unix is highly advantageous for venturing into BASIS as most IT companies use Unix servers or Linux servers for their landscapes.

  • Database knowledge is extremely helpful to consultants such as Oracle, Maxdb and DB2. It gives you the extra advantage and will boost your career.

Interview Questions

When you apply for a SAP BASIS job, you will be asked a certain type of questions that you may have to be well-versed with. The following are a few samples of interview questions to help you prepare better –

  • Explain why BDLS is used during system refresh.

  • How would you troubleshoot when the SAP system is slow?

  • What does memory entered PRIV imply?

  • What is the difference between NWA and Configtool?

  • If you need to upgrade NW portal, what tools will you use?

  • How do you perform a JAVA System Copy?

  • Explain the steps of SAP SSO.

  • Do you know the BW System Copy Post processing steps? Elaborate and explain.

Author bio: A writer by profession, Devika Arora is currently focusing her writing on the extensive domain of employment. She has written various articles, news stories and blog posts for job search and recruitment. The above article is a compilation of facts and discusses about SAP Basis jobs and career in SAP.

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