Guide for Purchase of 3D Printers

3D-Printer-ProJet-5000Speed of the device is the first attribute to look for. Good 3D printers or scanners are always able to deliver at optimal speed while still maintain good quality in the resultant products. The printing speed of 3D printers refers to the ability of the printer to make accurate designs according to the computerised input within certain period of time. The ability is generally measured in inches of product made in an hour. The measurement here considers only the vertical construction and not the objects complete geometry. The speed of 3D scanners is measured in a similar fashion. The metric used to measure the speed of scanners considers the time required by the device to scan the item and capture all the data points completely.

The second element that has to be considered regarding purchasing 3D scanner is the price of the device. It must be noted that different 3D printers require different materials to create 3D objects. Using a pricey material with a good-quality 3D printer to create large or complex items may not be worth the expense. In the context of cost, it is necessary to consider what aspects do the costs encompass. Sometimes the price of the printers includes only the material while there are offers that include waste processing fee, supporting material and other additional expenses. Therefore, the decision cannot be made just by looking at the price tag. Typically, 3D printers metals, wax or plastic as printing material.

A very important and technical attribute to consider before purchasing a 3D scanner is its resolution. Higher the resolution of the scanner finer would be its scanning and vice versa. DPI or Dots Per Inch is the popular metric used to refer to the resolution of scanner or printers. However, Z-layer, bead diameter and pixel size are also applicable measurements.

These details might seem enough and compelling to start looking for the suitable 3D printer but there is one more instalment to come

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