Google updates its search using Hummingbird

hummingbird-seo-googleGoogle performed a new update in its search engine that should bring in more accurate and perfect results for queries that are apparently complex. This is the Hummingbird update and it has been out quite recently. This can dramatically impact that of approaching of SEO. The update would be counted among the biggest of the modifications that have ever been made after 2010. At the time, search algorithm was updated to Caffeine. Hummingbird has been released only a month back.

Te changes in search cannot be noticed right now as there would be no difference in the coming up of the search results. The changes should make Google be able to bring solution to the queries that are complex. More number of people are making use of voice search. This is an indication that they are not phrasing the queries as phrases or keywords that traditional SEO optimizes for. Instead there are questions that are detailed. More information is processed by Google that need more number of mathematical formulae just in order that it keeps on the track. 

Google has over five hundred and seventy million ideas and relationships in its Knowledge Graph, which can be called the encyclopaedia of Google. Forbes Magazine explains with the example of the Eiffel Tower. Google knows it is a high rising tower and it has certain height and the rest of its features. Google is in knowledge of some facts on different subjects and thus it becomes easier for the user to anticipate all the facts required on specific subject. 

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