New and Improved Autorefractor Keratometers by Marco


Marco ARK 30 or Palm ARK – Palm ARK is a handheld autorefractor keratometer which offers a versatile portability to multiple applications like satellite office or inter office transport, mission work, visits to nursing homes, as well as local health screening. The hand held designs of the keratometer allows the measurement to be carried on people suffering from physical handicap. They also allow carrying out the measurements on the wheel chaired people. These can be used in operating rooms for carrying out refractive procedure. Hard copy prints can be received trough infrared communication to the docking station from ARK 30. The measurements are taken automatically by Palm ARK following the alignments and transitions to automatic keratometry from auto refraction. Rapid measurements can be taken of severely challenging patients through its quick mode operation. Fixation is relaxed and box accommodation is reduced by infinity target. When the measurement procedure is carried out target fogging is prevented by focused accommodation. The alignment is facilitated by the operator display screen and it also aids in keeping comfortable distance from the patient. The viewing screen clearly shows all data. Measurements depend on how the patient is aligned. In case of the patient being improperly aligned the measurements cannot be taken. The operator would then be reported back numerical confidence indices. The RS 232 interface facilitates the transferring of data to EHR/EMR programs.

Marco ARK 530 A – ARK 530 A, an objective autorefractor keratometer features LSD or Super Luminiscent Diode which aids in taking the accurate measurements and reading of patients suffering from cataracts post LASIK, IOLs, and corneal opacities. The equipment uses the Zonal Ring Image Method which is combined with much sensitive CCD. ARK 530 autorefractor keratometer is completely automated when tracking, aligning, and focusing on the eye of the patient. The process ensures completely reliable as well as repeatable data in keratometry and refractive measurements. With the help of ARK 530 the operator can take keratometric measurements which are peripheral that include the eccentricity values and sagittal radius that are used in the evaluations pertaining to the cornea for fitting contact lens as well as refractive surgery evaluation.

Marco ARK 1s – Marco brings out another new autorefractor keratometer. ARK 1s can measure cylindrical refractive error and the cylindrical axis from refractive condition of the eye of the patient. Additionally, this becomes the very first Ark which combines the capacity of low contrast test, glare testing, retro illumination, accommodation, presentation of visual acuity chart, and the capacity of refining the sphere subjectively. The ability to glare test makes it easy to test such patients who suffer from cataract. Traditional methods are not only time consuming and cumbersome but their accuracy is questionable too. As Medicare prevails, having a continuous and consistent measurement is of utmost importance which facilitates an accurate qualification of patients who are about to undergo cataract surgery. Doctors who depend on low contrast test can also go for this autorefractor keratometer. Accommodative measurements aid the doctors in the detection of problems in hidden hyperopes, and presbyopia.

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