Five Ways to Increase Sales with Mobile Marketing

Five Ways to Increase Sales with Mobile MarketingCurrently, mobile marketing is one of the world’s leading business resources. Mobile access sidesteps a wealth of channels, impacting consumers directly on multiple levels. If you’re attempting to increase sales, connect with consumers and empower your business strategy, mobile marketing is your best friend.

Lead generation, sales increases, social media connectivity and consumer retention are all possible when a solid mobile marketing plan has been utilized. Check out the following tips mobile marketers are using to drive sales, promote products and win over customers. You won’t be disappointed:

Tip One: Market to Previous Customers

Currently, previous customers account for 80 percent of U.S. company sales. Consumer retention drives revenue, and return visitors, when targeted via mobile, are great resources. Smartphones are excellent re-connectivity devices. Personal communication channels can enhance marketing strategies tenfold, engaging consumers through SMS campaigns. Present your customers with follow-up text and newsletter options. If they’ve made a purchase, grant them the ability to hop into your mobile platform. When possible, offer connection to your email campaign, as email correspondence works well over long time periods.

Tip Two: Send Targeted Messages

Text messaging is the world’s most-preferred mobile engagement. Right now, 193 billion SMS and MMS messages are sent, read and received every month. 70 percent of smartphone owners prefer to receive consumer offers via mobile, too, encouraging marketers to incorporate deep, adaptive connectivity strategies.

Targeted messages can greatly enhance your ROI through sales increases. Geo-specific offers, customized texts and in-store exclusives will increase customer retention, influencing return purchases. Remember: Every message should be tailored to the individual. Targeted messages, when customized, can be one of a brand’s biggest sales- driving strategies.

Tip Three: Use QR Codes

QR codes enable fast-paced environments, and mobile users are already fast-paced individuals. While direct connection through a mobile marketing platform can increase direct connection, QR code accessibility can directly boost sales. Quick, digestible information is a priority, here. QR codes should be easily scanned, and they should promote clear-cut offers. Consumers able to receive deals, amenities and special services quickly are likely to supplement your sales growth.

Tip Four: Update Your Lead Records Frequently

In the modern business world, information is everything. 84 percent of small businesses investing in a mobile marketing platform have obtained immediate, long-term benefits.

Additionally, 80 percent of Internet users operate a smartphone. A lot of people offer a lot of information, and you should be using it. Record every consumer’s site visits, mobile app downloads, click-through, preferred items, demographical data and product preferences. Lead records will identify your strategy’s weak spots. They’ll also help you mold new mobile strategies to your consumer. Marketing is about engaging and pleasing the customer. If you’re able to promote a product deal as the same product is about to expire from the consumer’s home, you’ll win yourself a repeat customer.

Tip Five: Use Google My Business

Google My Business will increase your organic traffic numbers. It’ll also gage your mobile site’s presence on search engines. As mobile users browse your mobile marketing platform’s e-commerce side, Google My Business will enhance their buying ability—all while enforcing your website’s visibility.

You mobile strategy’s web presence should never be ignored. It’s entirely conducive to your brand’s success, and it’s vital for leading cross-channel shoppers. As your mobile strategy evolves, tighten your web presence, and make sure your consumers are effectively engaged at every angle. Mobile marketing strategies take time to perfect, but they can generate unprecedented sales numbers. The modern consumer is always connected, and you should be, too.

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Sophorn is an inbound marketer specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generating sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s SMS marketing automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members. Trumpia is offering a free Mobile Marketing Success Kit so don’t forget to grab your free copy.

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