Developing your business with SEO Experts v. SEO Team

Developing your business with SEO Experts v. SEO TeamWhile designing and implementing a new business is challenging, finding the right team of professionals to get you off the ground can be comparably difficult.

Determining what is right, or most ‘cost-effective’ in the development of your business or websites will dictate the most probable outcome of your endeavors—specifically pertaining to profitable revenue based off of SEO writing style and keyword inclusion.

Although it can be expensive to hire a SEO professional team—think of the range of between $1,000-$10,000 USD per month—it can be equally expensive both in the short and long term to hire an independent contractor. While hiring a SEO professional team might be beneficial for efficiency and accountability, it may promise less of a personal touch–accompanied by a higher price tag.

One exception to this argument however is that along with a SEO team, a business owner has the ability to hire and designate various key players in various roles throughout his or her business development.

While the upfront costs of hiring a SEO specialist or team may be high, it’s important to strategize your costs to benefits, and gauge what is most practically justified in your spending. Often, website and business owners opt to hiring specialized personnel for each task, ranging from SEO based writing, to graphic designing, all the way to server maintenance. Although SEO specialists may make upwards of $60K USD per year, this is most commonly dependent upon experience, knowledge, training, education, references, and of course availability. Ultimately, any business or website owner has the ability to hire a part-time SEO specialist, part time graphics designer, and so forth. With this, however, may also come a sacrifice for time, money, or both. Dependent upon the circumstances, you will almost always get what you pay for.

It is arguably difficult to try to make the determination of how you prioritize cost, turn-around-time, and quality of work. While these three should come hand in hand in terms of value, it’s not so common with many SEO contractors and even some of the so-called ‘professional SEO teams’. Ultimately, you may find yourself employing a multitude of contractors and or subcontractors that do not speak or create content as a native language in the manner in which you are otherwise aiming to have your content delivered to per it’s target audience (country-language).

As there are no guarantees to the long-term success of your business, profitable returns on both the wages in which you are paying for SEO support, as well as overall website management are constantly subjective to change. It may best serve the majority of website business owners just starting out to smart small, aiming high, but also budgeting in a realistic manner. There are various constraints to take into consideration when it comes to service support, SEO based writing services, and overall performance of ‘cyber’ workers or contractors. Conducting thorough research and doing your due diligence in regards to who it is you’re hiring is essential to increasing the likelihood of business success. The same might be said for the contractors on the opposing end, as it is likewise a new business relationship for them.

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