Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring SEO Service Company

Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring SEO Service Company When the time is appropriate to opt for SEO services, it is important to trust a reputed agency. It is not as simple as it may sound for proper enquiry should be made. Asking some questions on some matters and getting the proper answers aren’t easy either. Those who don’t know much about SEO may sound confident while interviewing any selected SEO company. Any decent SEO agency should answer the below mentioned queries and questions comfortably. These questions ensure a proper way of locating a suitable SEO company to deal with.

Ask for list of clients including past and present and contact each

A SEO firm with proven track record will have almost nothing to conceal. After obtaining the list, contact each of them and get a feedback about their experience with this SEO agency. Make a brief analysis of the clients and check whether they have an improved SEO, simple to read and navigate website and content quality.

Question their latest link building strategies   

An SEO company with proven success record will express their link building techniques as developing relationships with trustworthy websites. Natural link earning follow afterwards for link would be build for users and not Google.

Ask their ways of measuring SEO success and results expected from similar companies as theirs 

A better SEO agency doesn’t guarantee results or rankings for a specific time period. It takes substantial time to view results. However, a reliable SEO firm will only have limited tools which include Google Analytics for viewing high ranking keywords.

Ask if third party tools are used to collect data and make result analysis

Some of the greatest SEO tools are Ahrefs, Magestic, SEMRush and Screaming Frog. However, there are plenty of other options to try out. It is wiser to note down whatever the agency expresses. These tools should be studied deeply for its significant that SEO agency has a proper answer to this question.

Find out how the agency will communicate and update the progress done. Ask how the feedbacks and comments would be taken in

Several SEO agencies have their individual dashboard or portal to update the progress and whatever is done. The agency can be expected to make at least weekly call to discuss all the progress. One person should be available to contact most of the times for comments and questions.

Enquire on tools used for content marketing and metrics that are followed

Tools of content marketing are different compared to SEO. It is crucial to ask on content marketing as content has become extremely significant for Google in the year 2015. Ensure that clicks and social engagement are followed on each article. Make sure this SEO company is finding new trends via Google Analytics. This is to figure out the content which resonates best for the target audience.

Ask about SEO technical experience, whether they’ve dealt with key algorithm change or Google Penalty 

Getting answer to this question is a suitable way to eliminate unreliable agencies from the list. The better ones would explain their way of anticipating algorithm updates prior to a penalty. This including reading SEO blogs and remaining updated with the Google announcements.

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