Importance of mobile compatible site in SEO strategy

Importance of mobile compatible site in SEO strategyMany organizations are against having a site which mobile friendly due to some reasons or the other. Either the lack of resources or failure to recognize the value could be the possible cause.  The time is ripe in 2015 to think about creating a mobile compatible site as early as possible. Explained below are some reasons to welcome the mobile friendly site this year.

Increase in mobile visits

Search engine Google marks the websites optimized for the mobile as a mobile compatible with its relevant search results. Consequently, not running a mobile SEO site can negatively impact the website’s click through rates. For example, when a user conducts search using their smart phones, four out of top five outcomes portray mobile friendly mark. In this case, the smartphone user prioritizes the results identified as smart phone friendly. The ultimate effects stops at lesser click throughs with a website which isn’t compatible with smartphone and more for those are just the opposite.

Google is kind enough to offer a tool which enables site owners to find out the mobile compatibility of their site.  When the website is approved through this test, it receives the mobile responsive designation.

High rankings in mobile

Google puts penalty on those websites within mobile search which aren’t mobile SEO. This is to make sure that mobile compatible websites rank high and give mobile searchers a greater user experience. Google seemingly is taking a step forward with mobile compatibility designation as a ranking factor. This is to promote the sites which are mobile optimized apart from demoting those which aren’t. A quote from Google’s blog post commented on the new labels. It pointed out that such labels are initial steps to help mobile users in having a greater mobile online experience. There is also experimentation on using this mobile compatibility factor as more of a signal for ranking.

Increased in revenue out of mobile experience

Mobile rankings and increased click through rates to a site should be enough reason to get a mobile compatible site. Those who don’t realize it would end up losing a significant part of revenue. Lacking a smartphone compatible site at a period when most of the searchers are using smartphone devices to look for their choice of services and products is not a wise move. It is almost like handling over customers to the rivals and competitors.

Failing to secure a mobile compatible site is most probably resulting in a substantial loss of revenue for the organization. The consumers are turning less tolerant to poor user experience with their smartphone devices. This is because many organizations are failing to cater to their changing expectations are preferences. The prospective customers follow the path which has least resistance. The same path would straightaway lead to competitors with a mobile compatible site during the upcoming year.

It is important to be ready with a SEO strategy and mobile compatible site in 2015. This will undoubtedly help in benefiting out of high click throughs, better rankings and increased revenue

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