Five Tips to Increase Your Blog/Business Twitter Followers


Twitter can be a great way to promote your business. However, twitter will not help you much if you do not have at least 100 followers. The good news is that there are a number of simple things that you can do to increase your number of followers on Twitter. Below are five tips that will help you get more followers:

Fill out your bio completely

People often follow others who have similar interests. That is why you should take the time to fill out your bio. Try to write as much information as you can. Make sure that you put a couple of things about yourself and the type of business that you have.

Encourage others to retweet your tweets

When you tweet, encourage others to retweet you. Retweeting pushes your user name into the social graphs. This will encourage other people to look at your profile, and many of them will follow you.

Advertise your page outside of twitter

No one will know about your Twitter page unless you promote it. Put your link on your business, blog and Facebook page. Additionally, you may also want to consider advertising your twitter page outside of the Internet. Handing out business cards and putting up fliers are two ways that you can promote your twitter page to others.

Tweet often about relevant topics

Generally speaking, the people who have the most followers are the ones who tweet the most often. You need to tweet several times throughout the day. However, you do not want to overdo it. You should limit your tweeting to 100 times per day. Additionally, you may also want to tweet about topics that are relevant to your business.

Use a hash slash when you tweet

Sometimes, people use the hash slash to look for specific topics. If they happen to come across your page, they are bound to follow you.

Author – Kenson Goo is the cofounder of and While he is not busy looking for coupon coupons to help people save money when shopping online, he writes articles about mobile and Internet technology.

Filling out your bio, encouraging others to retweet you, advertising your page outside of twitter, tweeting about relevant topics and using the hash slash are five things that you can do to increase your Twitter followers.

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