HTC Desire One C Review

HTC has understood its customers’ desire to operate a higher version of Android in its devices and the result – The Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) powered HTC Desire One C! This phone was one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year due to its affordable price and of course the ICS! So, does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out:

The Style and design:

Though it is not the most stylishly built phones out there, it is one of the most compact and light weighted smartphones available right now. Hardly weighing in around a 100 gm, the phone quietly fits in your hands and its rubberized-plastic frame offers a good hold over the phone. The phone’s screen is made of a single sheet of glass with the three primitive HTC buttons below (these buttons are devoid of a backlight). The power button is present over the top left corner of the gadget with the jack for the headset placed on its parallel side. It’s curvy, equal and compact from all sides and gives a good shape to the device. On the rear part, is the camera with a red rimmed cover and to the lower part of the camera is the HTC symbol; further below is the Beats Audio logo, which the company has been placing it in its devices over a while ( is it a pride?). To the left and the right are the Micro SD Card slot and the volume control tags respectively. A well crafted cell…err…smartphone, overall!

Technical Features:

The phone features a 3.5 inch touch screen that manages to produce vibrant colors and a vivid display that supports a resolution of up to 320X480 pixels. It has decent viewing angles, however when subjected to sunlight, it becomes partially visible.

This 600 MHz single core chipset powered smartphone offers a 512 MB of RAM, which is quite good for its price but still needs more memory, if it wants the phone to be completely out of issues. The phone struggles hard when asked to perform various tasks at once, and takes its own time to recover from the slow response as well. The on-screen keyboard of the phone comes out as a sigh of release with its smooth and a comparatively better response. Web browsing, which is one of the need of the hour is above average due to its screen size with commendable performance on video streaming.

The camera is yet another welcome relief from its predecessors and manages to produce decent images with its 5 MP powered camera. With faster startup and loaded features like face & smile detection and preloaded effects, the phone indeed produces good images during the daytime. However, taking pictures at night is at your own risk!

Music and songs over the Beats Audio device is excellent and crisp. Though it is not shipped with an earphone, the built-in stereo speakers deliver good sound clarity specifically with the bass boost turned on.


The battery scores well and indeed lasts up to a day and a half before it fades out completely. And, if you plan to stay on a call till the battery dies out, consider you’ll be speaking approximately for 5hrs and a few more minutes. Overall – Good!

The Android:

We’ve used and experienced the ICS over those high-end smartphones in the market, but what about the entry level phones? Well, HTC’s Desire One C is its answer. The Android OS looks pretty decent in this mobile, though it lacks many of the features it is known for. For instance, the phone is devoid of a facial recognition/ an unlock software, no 3D scrolling and slower popping up of the app’s thumbnails. HTC’s effort to save the interface is quite commendable. It has managed to infuse at least some graphics and effects into the device with its Sense Technology, which is a nice effort. Overall, the Android is great (if your phone has minimal usage requirements).


The HTC Desire One C is a feel good phone with the ICS coming out as a surprise. The beats audio, the sweet-treat camera and the decent price makes you forget its flaws and have a good HTC experience. Overall – a thumb’s up for HTC Desire Once C!

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