Must-have Resources for Designing an Attractive Web Portfolio

Hundreds and thousands of men and women, and their talents go wasted all because they do not showcase their skills to the world outside, efficiently. The art of showcasing is both an art and science.  Art because, you can never accurately predict what people looking for your services know ‘what they want’ and science, because everything can be presented in a clean and orderly fashion, provided you play by the rules of the game.
Having a portfolio necessarily means having a website that you can call your own. For the portfolio to be effective it has to have the minimum information prominently displayed. In addition, information must be verifiable. Exaggerated claims must be authenticated through proper sources. For example, if you are an expert HTML author, your skill is probably that of a website designer. To let your prospective client know about you, you can include the website address and the name of the administrator so that your credentials become verifiable.
Here below are some top tips for preparing your portfolio and the resources you need. Be honest about what you include in your portfolio. Savvy prospective customers will not go entirely by what they see on your site. There are simply too many people who make exaggerated claims and when work is assigned, they falter. And that, most customers know well.

Top Tip # 1: Make your Skills Known Everywhere with Resources like Photographs…
The first tip to crafting a successful portfolio is first enumerating your skill sets. Begin with a brief description of how your skill set can help your customers and as you progress, get to the nitty-gritty, all tabulated in a scientific manner. Instead of writing everything in paragraphs, use a table with columns and rows segregated with how long you have been into it. If you ever were in the employment of a well known business, show the certificate they had given you.

Top Tip #2: Display Your Professional Affiliation – Resources to include Certificates…
If you are an independent professional, then you must be having a certificate showing you as member of some association or a body of professionals. Every profession has a professional body. If you are a writer you can show your membership certificate and even give a link to those pages where they can find more information about you and your standing in the society. Likewise, any contribution you made can also be included to raise your value upward. However, when showcasing your membership and other verifiable information about, beat that itch to be boastful. Boasting often incurs the wrath of people who may want to assign you jobs. The rule is to maintain dignity by being humble in what you say about your achievements in public life.

Top Tip # 3: Must Have Resources to prove you are Genuine – Paper Clippings, Accolades…
You don’t have to turn your head over heels to prove you and your business is genuine. If you, or the business you control has been rewarded with accolades. display it prominently. Even paper clippings, showing you receiving awards from celebrities can help you a lot more than you might imagine. One of the temptations you need to control is asking someone to write a letter of appreciation. Most often, you will get one, but not from someone who values his worth.  Ask for it, but let them keep to their tone. Let it contain truth and nothing else. Credibility is what counts at the end of the day.

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