Qooq’s 10.1-inch Tablet for Cooks & Kitchen Dwellers

How would it be, if the next time you wish to cook a recipe that you stumbled upon online, you just need to rush into your kitchen with your tablet and start off? Well, it is possible today, thanks to Qooq’s 10.1-inch Tablet that is meant for to be a dedicated tablet for your kitchen. It has some amazing instructional videos and a few easy-to-follow recipes that you’ll love to experiment in your kitchen with.

On first looks, this Qooq tablet that is Linux-based will give you the impression that this was what you were waiting for all along. It has been built to be unaffected by a few splashes of water while working in your kitchen, and has a built-in stand that you are going to need. The best part though, is that you get access to thousands of rare recipes for European dishes that were created by specialized chefs.  The instructional videos can make a good cook out of the most inexperienced novice and will certainly surprise you in addition to stunning your family.

Some may feel that the tablet is priced a bit too high, which it may be, at $399. Well for that price, for a tablet, you can expect a mediocre build; still, the Qooq is a tablet that will kindle your interest.  The dimensions are cool, the tablet measures 10.63 X 6.3 inches with a thickness of 0.98, which is a lot thicker than most tablets of today. The Qooq tips the scales at 1.89 pounds, not too heavy for a kitchen heavyweight, considering it is going to be propped up on your kitchen shelf most of the time. The tablet will be resting on its kickstand, to make viewing more convenient for you form whatever angel you please.  The major portion of the tablet is made of smooth, red plastic, which could appear a bit  garish for some, the corners are rubberized for better grip, especially good, in the kitchen. The built-in kickstand is positioned at the back, and is foldable when not in use.

The tablet has a headphone jack (3.5 mm), SD card and USB ports, and Ethernet. You will find the power button and volume control buttons on the right side. The build and design are not all that sophisticated, and it looks more like a kid’s tablet than a mom’s (or dad’s, for that matter) The 10.1-inch capacitive LCD screen has a resolution of 1024 X 600, which is again not so impressive, however, considering the price, this is what you can expect. Naturally, the images are not very crisp with grains here and there, and the text is just about legible. You will probably have to keep the brightness turned on high, to be able to view the screen properly. Though it is responsive to touch, the scrolling can be painfully slow, consuming a lot of your precious time.

Overall, though it is primarily meant to be a good assistant in your kitchen, it is not a great tablet. It lacks even a basic feature like a camera, which could have been thrown in, at the price. Well, the next time your spouse drops into the kitchen asking,” what’s cooking?” look at the Qooq’s screen before you can answer.


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