Features and rules for writing texts in social networks

Social network Changing the algorithms of the search engines has brought the author’s content to the first important place in the creation and promotion of any Internet project. Thanks to this, professional copywriting became widespread when filling out corporate websites, blogs, forums. Do not stay away and social networks.

The specifics of the construction of communication links in social networks led to the emergence of a kind of copywriting, intended for publication in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other.
Experts SMM-marketing, copywriters, content managers, in general, all who are interested in creating traffic and promotion in social networks, quickly navigated in the environment, and after a short time the consumer received a balanced information product with a number of unique features that distinguish writing and Posting texts for social networks:

Limited size of the message

Specificity of consumption of social content implies a small amount of time for its reading, so in this case the size of the text matters. Do not tire the reader with prolonged reflections and reflections. Leave long articles and descriptions for blogs.

Do not pour “water”

This item is directly related to the previous one. Respect others and appreciate their time. Drop everything that has nothing to do with the subject of the message. Less punched and stupid phrases. A person should get the information he came for, otherwise one click – and he is already on another page.

Go right to the heart of the matter

Introductions, long explanations, intrusive invitations – all this is not for social networks. People are not as naive as they seem. Only clear and specific proposals (benefits, incentives, vivid impressions, necessary information).

Be easier in communication

If the topic does not imply the reverse, do not be too serious. Do not try to prove your intellectual superiority in any matter or personal exclusivity. First, it can be far from the truth, and secondly, grateful fans and additional likes such a behavior will not exactly add. Therefore, always strive to find a common language with the audience. And it does not matter if it’s a personal account, group, public or brand page in the social network.

Try to tell the truth

Be honest. This is really good quality. An advertising campaign in social networks, of course, may imply some exaggeration, but using deception is definitely not recommended. If such a fact is discovered, an adverse viral effect will be eliminated, and the price may be high. Therefore, it is better to “paint” the advantages that you already have, than to invent non-existent ones.

Concentrate on one thing

Do not combine in a small text a few ideas, even if very valuable. In the cycle of our impressions, only the information on which the accent is made, whether visual or semantic, is better than just both. If you have something to say, just write more often, readers will be grateful.

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