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Website Promotion ArticlesQuite a frequent question asked in profile forums, as well as customers who order seo promotion is: what is website promotion articles?

Article promotion of a site or promotion with articles

This article is about the promotion of websites, about how to promote articles, as well as where to get them.

Promotion of articles is the placement of eternal links to the promoted site in articles on other sites.

Why article promotion of sites?

We all know that search engines like relevant pages, with unique and useful content.

Promoting the site with articles, we have full control over the text of the page and its content.

Let’s see what the article promotion consists of:

1. Distribution of keywords

First, you need to select keywords, and then distribute them according to articles.

As usual, the words are distributed:

100 articles = 25 keywords out of them 50% unauthorized links and at least 3-4 different pages promoted

2. Terms of Reference for the copywriter

After we have distributed and figured out the key words, it is necessary to write articles. If there is time – you can do it yourself, or transfer work to the copywriter.

Often texts are written by copywriters, and for them it is necessary to compile a clear and precise technical task for writing texts.

Important points:

  • the volume of the article is not less than 2500 symbols
  • the uniqueness of the article is not less than 95%
  • do not place links in the articles near (preferably 1000 characters 1 link, and about the same distance between them)
  • interesting articles that she would answer his request, or at least be interesting)

These are the main features, which at least should be taken into account in the drafting of the technical task copywriter.

3. Addition of Articles to the Exchange of Articles

After the copywriter wrote the articles, you need to add them to the stock exchanges.

First, we need to add articles to the stock exchange:

Important points:

  • write Title in each article
  • neatly insert links

Articles can be added as one, which is best, because you can thoroughly check everything, or download massively.

4. Selection of sites

First of all, you need to look at thematic sites – sites similar in theme to the promoted site.

For this we use search and enter the necessary parameters. For each site, a separate situation, because it depends on the strategy of progress and the tasks assigned.

Link from good and quality sites is not enough, but in the case of promotion articles – it is better to place less, but better.

5. Article posting

After we found the site – we start posting articles.

Articles are best placed:

  • gradually (for example, 1-5 per day)
  • constantly (for example, 1-5 times a week)

After posting the articles it is important that they be indexed by the search engines.

The result of posting articles is:

– increase the level of trust of search engines to the site

– increase of positions in search engines

– increase in attendance on the site for promoted and not only words

Article promotion works fine if you use it well, and it’s also very important to diversify backlinks to the promoted site.

The main goal when promoting the site is the growth of positions and attendance, and for this it is worth doing everything in the long term, where links from articles on quality thematic resources will prove themselves to the fullest.

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