Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Ways to Increase Traffic to Your WebsiteVisiting the site is often called traffic. This is the number of unique users or visits for a certain period of time. An increase in this indicator indicates that the resource is becoming more known and capable of generating high profits.

There are a number of main sources of attendance:

  • paid traffic. Visitors make a transition through advertising (contextual, video, media, teaser, targeted, in social networks);
  • search traffic. The transition is made from the pages of the search issue;
  • traffic from third-party resources. The site is visited by clicking on links on other sites, through affiliate programs, bookmarks, directories, catalogs, forums, blogs;
  • e-mail distribution and push notifications. Used to stimulate a second visit;
  • direct traffic. Users directly enter the address of the site. Such traffic provides offline advertising (flyers, on TV, from bookmarks in the browser).

Search traffic is the best source of attendance

The interested user, who is looking for certain information or goods, will make the necessary target actions with high probability. To increase traffic from search engines, you need to optimize the website qualitatively. It is important to constantly conduct internal work:

  • simple, memorable domain. It is desirable that it reflects the direction of the site. If the address is well remembered, it can attract direct traffic;
  • filling meta tags on each page. They are visible to search robots that understand the direction of the site or content. Correct filling of metadata provides an opportunity to get good positions in search results;
  • a qualitative semantic core. Content with queries in certain ratios helps the search engine understand the content of the page. The search engine is important for the organic integration of keys. This increases the user’s comfort;
  • constant updates. Refill information or add new pages with a certain periodicity. Search engines tend to provide users with the latest data;
  • code improvement. Allows you to speed up the download and make the resource more convenient. Such sites will be preferred by search engines.

Paid attendance

An advertising campaign with the right settings will help attract new users to the site. There are different marketing tools. They differ in the level of efficiency. It is important to choose the types of advertising that will attract users and ensure the implementation of the targeted action.

Third-Party Traffic

The affiliate program can be an effective solution for online stores. If third-party resources recommend a site and links to individual products (for a certain percentage of sales), there is a chance to get additional profit.
Other sources of attendance can be blogs and social networks, which host useful content with links to promoted pages. The maximum naturalness is important here. Purchased links are quickly calculated. When this happens, the site may be penalized.

Placement of information in directories and catalogs on a specific topic increases the number of links reflected in the search result when searching for a specific brand. Correct filling of the data will help to increase the attendance of the resource.

E-mail newsletters and push notifications

Repeated user visits are also considered attendance. Most often, the transitions are carried out on recommendations to get acquainted with new articles, and not with discounts. This should be taken into account when creating the content of notifications and mailings. Work in this direction can bring stable traffic.

Direct transitions

Visits from bookmarks and offline advertising can be effective if the site offers interesting content, opportunities, goods, services.
Regardless of the chosen areas of increasing attendance, avoid “black” and “gray” technologies. They give a sharp increase in traffic, but it is rarely converted into useful actions. Such popularization attracts the attention of search engines that banned or impose filters on unscrupulous sites.

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