4 Advanced Ways to Improve Your Site’s SEO

4 Advanced Ways to Improve Your Site's SEO

SEO is one of the best ways to get customers into the business for almost free. From year to year this kind of traffic is predicted by “withering away”, but, as practice shows, the business only moves forward. And this year there are new trends.

This is one of the most dynamic types of Internet marketing. Search engine algorithms change so quickly.

On the one hand, marketers have to constantly “twist” their methods to stay afloat. And on the other – changes in SEO allow new projects to quickly get out in the TOP.

We will understand what is needed for this, taking into account the features of modern algorithms.

1. Adapt the site for mobile platforms

Many Internet entrepreneurs persist in refusing to adapt to the market and change anything in their projects. Even the analyst and the exact figures can not affect them.

To successfully promote your business, you must remember – most of your customers today use mobile platforms for web-surfing. It is a fact.

Note that adapting the resource for mobile platforms does not in itself improve your position in the SERP. This is affected by the depth of view. Users who get to the site from the search engine, much less close it, if the site is adaptive.

Search robots perceive your material as useful, and push it up in organic search.

This does not mean that you need to completely abandon the desktop version of the site. The graph above still shows that most of the audience still uses computers for surfing.

What specifically to do:

  • Use and configure an adaptive design on the site.
  • Insert images that are correctly displayed on both the computer and the tablet / smartphone.
  • Simplify the design and gradually bring the look of the site to minimalism.
  • Increase the depth of the pages.
  • Carefully go through all the pages of the company’s website. Do not be afraid to change the elements. If now you have something working well, then by adapting the element for mobile platforms, you will only increase the performance.

2. Optimize the semantic kernel for voice search queries

Progress in technology greatly affects our livelihoods. More precisely, it simplifies it. The possibility of voice search officially appeared in the search engines several years ago. But, according to Google, today about 20% of the audience uses only it for surfing.

Of course, you can not find out how your audience uses the search. And I’m not saying that you need to change something in the principles of SEO-optimization of the site. To successfully compete in the SERP, you only need to adapt the keywords a little.

What specifically to do:

  • Study the semantic core of the site and select target requests.
  • Discard those that do not work.
  • For the rest, make similar searches, adapted for voice search
  • Make new pages on the site and adapt them to the resulting key phrases.

3. Clearly highlight the content of the texts

Pointing out the main sections of the article, you make it more convenient to navigate users through the page. By accessing the site, the reader immediately understands which sections will be most useful to him. And does this material suit him at all.

Thanks to this you also increase the depth of browsing and increase the trust of search engines to your resource.

In addition, clearly marked content is good for SEO optimization. Thanks to key words in the title of sections, algorithms of search robots quickly index the page and analyze the level of compliance with requests.

You can select sections of SEO-text in 2 ways.

What specifically to do:

1. Formatting an article
It is not necessary to dig into the page code and “dance with a tambourine” around the computer to make the text more readable. You can simply make sections by article and highlight their subheadings.

On the convenience of navigation and SEO-optimization is affected not only by subtitles, but also by other types of text formatting. These include:

  • creation of bulleted and numbered lists;
  • the allocation of bold and italic font the most important points;
  • optimization of pictures and screenshots in the article.

All this helps the search robots index the page and determine the level of its usefulness. Thanks to proper formatting, you can outrun competitors who are moving along the same key request.

This is a simple, but very underrated feature of SEO optimization. Many site owners still do not use it. Among them, there are your competitors. Use it!

You can make navigation even more convenient, thanks to editing the html-code. This is the next way to allocate partitions.

2. Clickable content

You analyze the article, divide it into specific sections. Each section should be given a name is a subtitle. Here it is desirable to enter key phrases. The clickable content is inserted at the beginning of the text. By clicking on the user’s link at once “flips” to the desired one.

The principle of operation is similar to navigating through a single-page site. In the header of such sites, sections of the text are often prescribed.

4. Optimize site load speed

Such optimization is extremely necessary. It’s all about changing the requirements of the audience.

What specifically to do:

1. “Lighten up” the images

It’s the pictures that basically affect the “weight” of the page.

2. Reduce the number of animations and other effects

With visual effects, the site looks much more beautiful, but if they affect the download speed – it’s better to sacrifice the beauty. Review what can affect the “weight” of the page and remove the minor elements.

3. Use third-party resources to optimize

The Google AMP project is a whole library of scripts that will help you speed up the download speed of your web pages on mobile platforms. Use it immediately after creating an adaptive version of the site.


These tips will help you make a good and, most importantly, topical SEO optimization site optimization. But remember that much still depends on the quality of your content. Search engine algorithms are based on user experience, therefore, the longer the visitors linger on your pages – the higher they rise in organic issuance.

Find ways to get the most out of your readers and be sure to use the results. The combination of these actions will exactly lead you to the desired result.

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