How to Use the Holiday Rush to Also Boost Sales for the New Year

How to Use the Holiday Rush to Also Boost Sales for the New YearProper optimization of the site and setting up an advertising campaign will help increase sales and attract potential customers.

On the eve of the holidays, many consumers are wondering what gifts to present to their relatives and friends, so we recommend taking care of attracting customers in advance and suggest that we take into consideration several useful tips.

What can be done?

  • Optimize the site using a festive theme.
  • Increase the activity of advertising in social networks.
  • Use festive themes and attributes to attract new customers.
  • Increase sales during the holiday period by using effective tools to simulate customers.
  • How can you optimize your website and increase sales during the holiday period?

1. On the eve of the upcoming holidays, no one wants to go deep into technical characteristics or read tedious descriptions of goods or services. Publish a maximum of useful content – post pre-holiday tips, share interesting information, do not forget about humor.

Your task is to create a festive mood for existing and potential customers, interest them, make them more loyal and, naturally, increase sales from their site.

2. Choosing gifts for your relatives, many use mobile devices, so you should pay attention to optimizing your site for tablets and smartphones so that existing and potential customers can make the purchase as quickly and easily as possible.

3. Do you want to reach more audience? Conduct competitions, promotions, win-win lotteries !!! Using an advertising campaign and including in the conditions of participation an obligatory repost in social networks, you will be able to reach more audience and attract new customers. You will see how much your sales will increase during this period!

What other tools will help increase sales during the holidays and get more profit?

1. Effective email marketing tools can provide you with a flow of customers.
Create a pre-holiday mood for your customers right now – make an announcement of future sales, new collections, unique pre-holiday offers. Make a dispatch to customers of gift certificates, offers with guaranteed discounts, letters with gratitude or plan sending greeting cards.

Believe, your customers will appreciate it.

2. Offer guaranteed bonuses when buying goods or ordering services: free shipping, festive packaging, gift for purchase, bonus service. Customers like to feel care and attention, they will become more loyal to your company and will work to increase sales from your site.

3. Arrange festive drawings of gifts, conduct contests and lotteries with the involvement of interesting partners.

4. Develop gift certificates for your store. This will attract potential buyers and significantly increase your sales.

How useful are gift certificates? First of all, this is already a guaranteed purchase, the second – with their help attract new customers and customers.

How to avoid stagnation after the holidays?

On such days, visiting sites falls sharply, customers have already made all purchases before the Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day. A few useful tips will help you keep your sales after the holidays.

1. Stimulate sales by using large discounts on goods and services.

2. Make an interesting burning offer, valid only in the post-holiday period.

3. To increase sales, arrange a sale of the leftovers of goods at the lowest price.

4. Conduct post-season lotteries and lotteries under the slogan “Show must go on!”.

It is worth starting to prepare the site for the holiday period in advance for several months. This will allow you to plan in time the plan of measures to attract customers, make more coverage of the target audience and increase their sales.

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