9 Ways to Become a Successful Vlogger on YouTube

9 Ways to Become a Successful Vlogger on YouTubeNow let’s talk about those things that have long been renewed on your channel.

Most likely, you are so passionate about the creative process and / or deeds that you can not find the time to do it. And to do this is fundamentally important.

So, most likely, you should update on your channel right now or in the near future?

1. Trailer for new viewers – first of all.
It is usually updated rarely. Although in 3-4 months it becomes obsolete.
When writing a new greeting, it may be worthwhile to use other phrases.

It is worth adding scraps from the bright spectacular moments of the current video.

  • Be sure to tell the trailer: what kind of channel, what is it about and what will be interesting to the new spectator.
  • Tell about the schedule of publication.
  • Remember the call to action

Live communication with viewers + inserts from videos = a good trailer.
Trailer is a useful option, update it at least once every six months.

2. Default settings.
Go to the “CHANNEL” -> Download the video. Make sure that the relevant information is here.
Perhaps, there are outdated links or irrelevant information – you need to check everything.

Maybe something needs to be added? Think about it.

In general, the revision of these settings by default is definitely worthwhile.
The more accurate the information is there, the less information you need to adjust when uploading a video.

3. Information about the channel.
As in the previous paragraph, you need to check the relevance of the information on the page about the channel. Time goes on and changes happen. You and your chhannel are changing too.

Also, adjust the information in the channel’s keywords. Nowhere, not showing up, the channel’s keywords still affect the ranking of videos and the promotion of the channel.

  • Add topical keywords
  • Remove outdated
  • Remember branding

It is especially important for young channels that have not yet formed a brand, then they have changed the concept, and the keywords have not been updated.

4. Playlists.
Check the list of your playlists. Make sure they are all up-to-date and match your content strategy.

This is fundamentally important. After all, serial content is the basis of promotion.

  • Playlists must be up-to-date
  • The playlists must have descriptions
  • Playlists match the search queries we need
  • There should be series playlists (in which regular serial content)

And, of course, you need to remember about playlists when uploading a video.
Correctly chosen content strategy and serial content can bring 100-200 thousand subscribers for six months or a year. With the correct systematic work, of course.

5. Corporate style of the channel.
When talking about the design of the channel, then, first of all, we are talking about the cap of the channel and the logo.
Remember that the logo should have large recognizable elements. A small unreadable text will go unnoticed and will not work.

Sometimes YouTube changes its design and old design elements may simply not fit into the new design.

The new design of the YouTube cap takes more space. Despite the fact that the overall layout of the cap remains the same, now you can make other accents.

There is important information in the header of the channel:

  • this can be your photo, which should be high-quality
  • or maybe a publication schedule (which can change, and therefore – need to be updated)

6. Monetization.

  • Regular check: whether all ad formats are enabled.
  • Are the advertising pauses
  • It is important to check / comply with the video categories used (their relevance and relevance)

7. Security settings (!)

  • It is worth regularly updating the password. Even if the habit of using a complex and, in your opinion, a reliable password.
  • Check – whether the backup mail is tied to the channel and which one is up-to-date.
  • Phone number – additional account protection. On the main channel, be sure to connect.

 8. Video Manager.
Here it is sometimes necessary to check whether any videos have fallen under the policy of disabling monetization.
It is important to do this in order to take timely measures (to file an appeal, etc.).

You should also track the Content ID claims on your videos. It’s useful to do even for those who have copyright content, because there is an error in recognition and someone else can wrongfully claim the rights to your content.

It is always important to be on guard for your channel. This is especially true of the current and previous items.

9. Mail of the channel.
It should be checked regularly. some important information can come to it.

Examples of possible important letters:

  • “The rules have changed …”
  • “We need to accept an agreement …”

If you can not regularly access the channel’s mail (or just laziness), then set up the forwarding of messages from all channels to your main mailbox.
To always be aware of what is happening and to notice something important in time.

Picture Credit: geralt

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