Video Marketing Trends for Increased Customer Acquisition

Video Marketing Trends for Increased Customer Acquisition

Video content is rapidly gaining popularity and this is quite logical, because in recent years the quality of the Internet has increased significantly, and good shooting equipment has become more accessible.

That’s why very many companies use video marketing to promote their products.

Video marketing is the promotion of goods and services through video.

A live image always brighter information. You can post videos on social networks, on YouTube or on your own site.

Unfortunately, quality video content is not often found. In most cases, the creators of the commercials forget about the quality of the picture, the script and other subtleties, trying simply to impose the product. Then the video turns into the usual advertising is not the best quality.

Why do we need video marketing?

Video is, perhaps, the best way to convey information to the client. He will be able to assess the goods with his own eyes, understand how to use it, learn details about payment and delivery, and much more. At the same time, you will be able to demonstrate the prestige of your company by showing employees who are real experts.

Types of video content


Teaser is a video clip that lasts 5-10 seconds and necessarily includes some intrigue. This format is most suitable for promoting new products. The main task of the teaser is to awaken in the viewer the desire to learn more about the advertised thing. Ideally, if he wants to buy it. The main thing in the teaser is the original and exciting scenario. Teaser should work very precisely on the target audience. Therefore, usually run 2-3 videos at the same time to get into each of the groups of potential customers.

Video instruction

As mentioned above, the video instruction brings you closer to the buyer. Perhaps he will not know about the existence of your store before the movie opens. But a step-by-step instruction with a mention of your online store with almost 100% probability will cause him to open a resource.

Video lessons

Rollers, who teach something, enjoy a special love from the audience. If the video contains really useful and quality content, the user will not only look at it, but also share this video with its subscribers in social networks. The main plus of the training video is that it is not perceived as advertising, although in fact it is. For example, in the video “How to draw ideal arrows” you can gently unveil the eyeliner.

How to choose?

The essence of such clips is simple – you compare several products and recommend the best one. The main thing is to choose as an expert a person who really has an authoritative opinion. The buyer will always be able to distinguish useful advice from unsupported applications.


Overview – this is one of the most popular varieties of video marketing. A good and detailed review is always interesting to buyers and therefore effective. The main condition is to show the product in detail and tell about all its important characteristics. Too praising the goods is not worth it, it will only alienate the buyer.


Like the various TOPs, popular on the Internet, reviews of new products of the market are not explicit advertising, but they can cause the viewer’s desire to purchase this or that product. You can only tell how and where they can do it.

Customer Testimonials

Feedback from satisfied customers is always more credible than simple advertising. In addition, it is important for a person to hear that someone has faced the same problem as him, and found an effective solution by buying your goods. Get feedback is not easy, you need to motivate your customers for this. For example, arrange a contest, the condition of which will be to shoot a video with a story about your product.

About company

This video is most appropriate on the main page of the site. Show your company to the world. Let your customers see your office, the team that works for them. In this way, you will be able to create a more trusting relationship with customers.

Will video marketing help to get new customers? Of course, yes. But only on condition that the video will be of excellent quality. Hire a team of professionals. Do not skimp on the quality of the video and its progress.

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