New Website Promotion In The Search Engines

New Website Promotion In The Search EnginesPromotion of a new site is due to the SEO of a new site for the search engine.

How you can rank a new site higher than an old site

Imagine this situation, we have 2 different sites with the same subject and internal SEO optimization at an equally high level, and external promotion of sites was not carried out.

Site number 1 in the search engine index is 1 year, and site number 2 we publish 1 year after the publication of the site number 1.

The question is which site will be ranked higher, taking into account Google’s statement about equal priorities in the algorithms of old and new sites?

The answer is the following – the site that was added earlier will most likely be shown above.

The reason is to rank the old site in the search above:
If we consider our example above, the first reason why site # 1 (old) will be shown above is the probability of obtaining natural external links for 12 months of placing the site on Google.

Those most likely the site will receive links even without self-promotion.

The reason is to rank a new site in the search above:
In the case when the old site does not receive links for 1 year, the outgoing data of the two sites is identical, but the information on the site # 2 (old) will be added later and will accordingly be treated as new content.

In addition to this, for a period of 12 months, site 1 can be “stolen” unique texts. And then, in fact, the priority of the new site, where all the content is unique.

In this case, the new site may be in search above the old one.

The main difference between the promotion of a new site and the old one is that the first 3-4 months you need to do everything as naturally and stably as possible.

The procedure for preparing for the promotion of a new site:
1. Hide the site at the development stage from indexing in the search engines in the robots.txt file.

You can not allow the indexing of the site at the stage of its development. The ideal option for a good SEO result is when the site is sent to Google, only after the complete SEO optimization is completed.

2. Complete the internal optimization of the site.

The site should be optimized for the maximum number of words in the sphere of your business, all text content should be unique.

3. Adapt the site for mobile devices.

Every day more and more google and makes purchases on the Internet from mobile phones. In case the site is not adapted for mobile or does not have a mobile version, then you can lose most of the traffic and orders.

Further, when the preparation work is done, you can send the site to indexing in the search engines, having previously opened it for indexing.

How to naturally increase the reference mass

After optimizing the site and sending it to indexation, we move on to the external promotion of the site.

The first 3-4 months, it is necessary to increase the reference mass to the main page of the site with no-carbon links.

The method of promoting a new site in Google
1. The first 4 months of linking only to the main page of the site – all references are bessankornye.

Very important! Place links on other sites only on relevant pages in relation to the content of the main page of your site. Not relevant links will give the opposite effect.

2. After the 4th month, we look at the positions of the key queries and finish them in the TOP links with the keyword in the anchor.

Percentage of the key query in the anchor to links to Bezankorn – 80% to 20%.

In each case, everything is individual, you need to look at the situation. If after the publication of anchor links there is no effect, increase the proportion towards the anchor links.

If the reverse effect, check whether everything is OK with the target page, and give more unzaned.

After a while you will find the optimal ratio.

Very important! Remember that 20% of the links containing the key query in the anchor must be different. Use a large number of different keywords in the anchor.

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