What Is A Responsive Website

What is a Responsive Website

More and more often you can come across the statement that the website is responsive. If you did not know this term before, the question that arose in your mind was: what is a responsive website? The answer to this question will be extremely … simple!

Responsive website, it is simply a page whose appearance is adapted to the size of the display of the device on which it is displayed!

So what does it mean in practice? Huge convenience in using this site and reduced bounce rate by users! Think about how many times you have abandoned the use of the website, just because using it on your phone or tablet was the biggest tussle? Tables that can not be seen in full, endless zooming in and out of the content … It all kills the pleasure of using the internet on mobile devices.

Does the site have to be responsIve 

Responsive websites have a much lower bounce rate for users, due to the greater comfort in using such sites. One should also remember about the constantly growing number of Internet users using mobile devices. Currently, most of the traffic on websites comes from smartphones, tablets, etc. So, taking this into account, it can be concluded that the page does not have to be responsive only in theory. To maximize the convenience of using your website – make sure that the site complies with the RWD.

Additional benefits of responsiveness

Responsive websites bring with them a few additional advantages, which may prove to be another proof that RWD is now a must. Here are the biggest advantages:

  • higher position in search engines – on April 21, 2015, Google introduced an algorithm that checks the website’s compliance with RWD, the effect is simple responsive websites are promoted by the search engine, so it is a factor favoring positioning
  • shorter loading time responsive websites are also often well optimized for charging – versions for smartphones usually use graphics files of lower resolution, thanks to which the website is displayed to the user much faster
  • more users – the fact that the site is comfortable to use on any device will certainly increase the number of users. Websites incompatible with RWD have even over 60% bounce rate on mobile devices (i.e. more than 60% of users opt out of reading the page immediately after entry)

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