What Is SEO Content? A Guide to Creating Content for SEO

What Is SEO Content? A Guide to Creating Content for SEO

Under the content should be understood the information content of the site. This definition corresponds not only to texts, but also a mass of other elements that can be placed to convey to users the necessary information: images, audio and video content, advertising banners, various types of files.

Text materials, as a rule, are the basis for most Internet projects, therefore, in cases where content is mentioned for websites, more often it is just a text content, the forms of which can be quite diverse:

  • articles, notes, news;
  • analytical information, reviews, recommendations;
  • advertising texts;
  • posts in blogs and social networks, comments, reviews;
  • description of commercial products and services;
  • presentations, portfolio.

Uniqueness of content for the site

One of the main and most valuable properties of content for sites is its uniqueness. The category of unique content is content that was not previously published on the Internet. Search engines, having at their disposal modern algorithms for fixing and analyzing placed materials, determine the degree of their uniqueness and usefulness for users. On the basis of these data, individual pages and sites generally occupy corresponding positions in search rankings. The higher these positions, the greater the probability of finding this resource among others, which is important for the formation of active and sustainable traffic.

The accepted unit for measuring the uniqueness of texts is interest. An excellent indicator is the level of 95-100%.
Unique texts are always “in good standing” with the search engines, and in combination with the correct SEO-optimization will help unleash and promote the site of almost any orientation.

Ways to create content

Depending on the tasks assigned, several methods are used to create content:

  • Copywriting is an independent (author’s) writing of articles;
    rewriting – processing of available texts with the help of certain techniques for giving the required uniqueness;
  • copy-paste – transfer (copying) of information from other sources without making changes;
  • Scanning is a kind of copy-paste, in which printed materials are digitized for further posting on the site.

Any of the listed methods has the right to exist, however in the last two cases it is necessary to exercise certain caution in order not to violate the norms of the current copyright protection legislation.

Content Optimization

Write a unique text is often not enough, and in order to get the most out, you need to optimize the content by the rules of search engines. SEO-content optimization for the site consists of a number of activities:

  • selection of the semantic kernel (keywords);
  • creation of the structure of the article: headings, lists, application of various fonts, paragraphs, etc .;
  • thoughtful table of contents (for large texts);
  • use of meta tags;
  • and at last it is necessary to remember that the text should be interesting and fascinating for readers.

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