7 Ways of Getting to know Your Customers Better

Internet businessInternet business, quickly learned to see the client, communicate with him. Digital companies know everything about their users: when and where they come from to the storefront, what are they interested in. This allowed us to offer a unique user a unique product and additional purchases based on his preferences. Amazon started its business with the sale of books, but brilliantly “mastered” its users, revolutionized, created the largest marketplace of products, which connected hundreds of thousands of suppliers and millions of buyers. This is the revolution that eventually made the company the most expensive retailer in the world.

Who are your customers? What do they need? What are their interests? Answering these and other important questions, you can form the right sales strategy, better understand customers and meet their needs with your product or service.

How can you find out your customers?

To carry out such research, first of all, it is necessary to develop a set of questions, such as those listed above. Answers will help you understand how to achieve a good return on investment. Below are several options for market research in the conduct of online commerce.

1. Polls

Use questionnaires and voting to get feedback from customers. It is very good to apply surveys before the goods have been sold.

2. Blogging

Comments on the blog can tell a lot. With the help of them you can find out different opinions and preferences.

3. Companies conducting market research

If there is no time for research, you can entrust this matter to competent people.

4. Social networks

Social networks can be a good assistant in answering the questions posed. By user profiles, their interaction with you and with each other, you can learn a lot. Also here you can conduct polls and polls, as on your website.

5. Feedback

Support feedback with clients, track reviews and complaints. It does not matter through which channels (email, website, social networks or others) you receive them.

6. Forums

Keep track of what is written about you on forums and other sites. If you do not write anything, ask your questions directly.

7. Trends

The study of market trends will allow you to understand what requirements customers may have in the future and build relevant plans.
After you have collected all the information, study it carefully! When you know your customers, you can set up your activities in such a way that it meets their needs. It will be possible to predict which content (or product) will cause greater resonance among the audience.

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