Google Introduces Rich Results Tool for Testing Structured Data

Rich Results Tool for Testing Structured Data

Google launched a single tool to test extended snippets, extended cards and other structured data relating to the display of content in the issuance.

The team of the largest search engine decided to classify all of the above elements as “enhanced results”, so the tool was called the Rich Results Tool.
It checks data sources such as JSON-LD, Microdata, and RDFa, giving an accurate idea of ​​how the page is displayed in the output. Moreover, users have the opportunity to test structured data directly in dynamic content.

Currently, the tool for checking extended results works with structured data from the following topics: recipes, films, jobs and training (courses).
Google announced that in the future, new sections will be added to their number.

Google’s new testing toolWorking with Rich Results Testing Tool is as easy as with other Google services. You need to enter the required link in a special field, give the tool its analysis and get acquainted with the results.
If there are any errors in the code, they will be highlighted in red, so you will always be aware of what needs to be fixed.

If the analysis results suit you, you can transfer your page for indexing Google directly from the tool.

Here is a screenshot of the new version of the tool. Note that it works not only on the desktop, but also on mobile.

If you are promoting sites, this innovation will be very useful for you.

Image Credit: Google

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