A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing

A Beginner's Guide to Successful Email MarketingFeatures of email marketing
Many people do not know exactly what email marketing is. There is a misconception that it is a spam mailing. Nobody likes to rake down the obstructions of bothersome advertising in the mailbox. However, in this case, the letters are sent without any violation of the law and with the prior consent of subscribers, and not against their will.

In addition, it is considered that the distribution of e-mails is all limited. This is just one of the tools of a multi-stage strategy. Correctly approaching its development, you will get an effective channel of interaction with customers, establish with them a long and reliable relationship.

There are 5 characteristic features of email marketing:

  • An important advantage is a low level of costs compared to other advertising moves. To increase sales through contextual advertising will have to spend much more money.
  • Availability of a database of active and potential customers.
  • Between consumers and the company, a long dialogue is built.
  • Subscribers are being pushed toward certain targeted actions. This can be posting a comment, ordering, and downloading any material from the site.
  • Automation.

How to start development in email marketing?
Having figured out what you need email marketing for, it’s worth taking a look at the actions that need to be taken towards the desired result. First, you need to dial a subscriber base, which in the future can become your customers. There are several ways to implement this task.

Most companies publish a subscription form on their websites. Location and design in this case play an important role. There are several recommendations on how to make it visible:

  • The design of this element should be different from the design of the site. You can highlight it with bright colors that attract attention.
  • The simplicity and absence of unnecessary details is important. If nothing distracts the guest’s attention, then the likelihood of a subscription will increase.
  • Animation details look good as well as pointers in the form of arrows. It is worth sticking to the golden mean, so that the form does not irritate the obsession.
  • It is advisable not to use the word “dispatch”. Guests immediately represent mountains of useless spam.
  • Consider various bonuses and free promotions per subscription.
    The first materials should come on the box within an hour.

Also, forms are placed in communities of companies in social networks. You can use the addresses of customers saved when buying from the online store. It is important to get their consent so that your advertising campaign does not turn into the same spam. Maintain communication and constantly monitor the quality of the base.

Types of email marketing
Since the main tools of email marketing are letters, it is worthwhile to consider in detail their varieties. Transactional emails serve as a response to certain actions performed on the site (purchase, addition of goods to the basket). They increase the average check, help to generate additional sales, make the brand recognizable, and also increase customer loyalty. There are convenient services for the automation of the distribution of such letters.

In the templates of transactional letters logos, company colors and other elements are introduced, which gradually become recognizable and loved. Such decorations should supplement useful information, for example, regarding the terms of delivery or warranty service.

Announcements notify subscribers about all kinds of interesting events and news of global or local character. Do not overload such messages with advertising. It is better to focus on useful data. The final touch should be a call to action (share news with friends or participate in the upcoming event).

To increase the volume of direct sales in email marketing, advertising letters are used. They contain commercial information on stocks, product collections, which can be useful to the client, as well as a description of the advantages of the company and its services. Such e-mails should be given special attention. Overly aggressive and obtrusive text causes dislike. Because of him, the ranks of subscribers can significantly reduce, and the reputation of the online store will appear large and ugly spot.

Triggers, also called autoresponders, serve as a response to the actions of site visitors. Such series of letters are sent consecutively after the subscription. Usually this is not the sale of a particular service or product. The purpose of the messages is the acquaintance of the buyer with the company, as well as the provision of curious information.

The dispatch can be adjusted depending on the user’s response. So you can create the most comfortable conditions for potential customers, increase loyalty and attract more attention to content. The reader will have a desire to continue to make orders in your online store.

Information e-mails are used in email marketing to maintain and increase sympathy for the sender. Extremely useful and relevant notes are subject to delivery.

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