How to Improve Conversion Rates

Increase Website Conversions

To increase traffic to the site is not to succeed. A large role is played by the number of targeted actions that new users have committed. And for different types of sites, these actions are different. For example, online stores need purchases, and blogs – signatures for mailing or registration.

In this case, all webmasters agree that increasing conversions is a fundamental goal of the effective operation of the site. From this indicator depends the trust, the authority of the resource and the level of profit.

What is a site conversion?

Site conversion is the ratio of the number of users who have committed a targeted action to the total number of users.

After you launch an advertising campaign, visitors begin to go on a lending or website. Some of them are screened out at once and leave the site without doing anything.

Others commit “micro conversion” – actions that in the future will most likely lead to targeted ones. For example, go to the “Contacts” tab in the online store.

But, the main goal is “macro conversion“, these are targeted actions. Such as filling in a form-application for services or adding goods to the basket with a subsequent payment.

5 ways to increase the level of site conversions

The level of conversion and its dynamics are affected by:

1. Technical characteristics of the site. Including the speed of loading pages, server response codes for different pages, redirects.

2. Website design. The first impression is one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of Internet marketers. If a user does not immediately like the design of the site, he will never come back again. But it will return to the resource with a quality and user-friendly interface.

3. Key words. Semantics in many ways forms the position of the site in the search issue. Higher position – more visitors. Therefore, the collected keys directly affect the level of conversion of the site.

4. Convenience of a site. The presence of such basic things as the sections “Contacts”, “Support”, “Online calculators” and their location affect the convenience of the site. Without these features, the user is harder to convert. It is necessary to earn the confidence of the visitor, surrounding him with care and understanding.

5. Content:  articles, videos, pictures, product cards. The average duration of a user’s session largely depends on how interesting and varied the site is.

To increase the level of site conversion, it is necessary to take into account all the above factors. To do this, do a two-step analysis:

  • preliminary, superficial analysis of the site;
  • a secondary, in-depth technical study.

The first stage allows you to highlight the obvious omissions in the construction of the site. The second one is a complex audit of the site.

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