7 Ways to Create a Popular YouTube Channel

7 Ways to Create a Popular YouTube ChannelTo become famous on YouTube, you need to know what excites and interests your audience, and then offer it an interesting, relevant and useful product.

To achieve this, you need to follow a few simple tips that will help you gather thousands of people and regularly enjoy it with quality videos.

Creating suitable conditions

Follow trends

You have a good chance to quickly become popular if you start recording videos for current show business events or news.

Immediately after the incident that fits your channel on the subject, make a video. Try to ensure that the video appeared on the network a maximum of a couple of days after the news came out.

Remove skits and video responses

Find some popular video on YouTube and make a video response to it. Parodies and video responses are a quick way to gain fame and increase the number of subscribers by taking advantage of the popularity of another video. In this case, the creators of the original video will not be against, since the more parodies and answers they receive, the more popular they become.

Upload new videos

Regularly shoot new videos and post them, even if for several months now you do not see the result. If you will often please your subscribers with high-quality and interesting videos, you will certainly become popular even if it takes 2, 3 or 5 years.

Participate in the gatherings of Youtube

If people will know you in person, they will sign with great desire to the channel.

YouTube’s meetings, which are often held around the world, are an effective way to attract attention, to become popular and even make new friends. When meeting with subscribers, try to establish contacts with them, thank them for the interest shown to you. Do not behave arrogantly and too arrogantly. The main task is to be open and friendly, to attract sympathy from as many people as possible.

Collaborate with those who already have them on the meetings with people who have succeeded on YouTube, communicate with them through Twitter or video hosting itself. Ask if they are not against shooting the video together. So you can become popular on YouTube. This is a proven way, thanks to which many people have succeeded.

Helpful Tips

  • Before offering a collaboration, consider an interesting idea for the video. So a person will see that he does not have to do all the work himself – you too will make your own contribution.
  • Address those people who lead the channel in a manner similar to yours.
    An important rule of YouTube is to help and share, so do not give up if someone asked you to make a joint video.
  • Improve the quality of the captured video in the video editor, even if it turned out to be excellent.

Make your video channel attractive

From this step depends on how users will perceive it, whether it will become popular. Think of a tenacious name, add a beautiful cover. So that a person can immediately understand what your channel is about, make a competent short description. Also upload a background image.

Regularly update the video channel description and its appearance so that the information is always up to date.

You can also use YouTube to promote your other projects, leaving them in the description of the video channel.

Do not forget the tags on the video

Correctly composed tags will allow users to quickly find your videos. When writing them, try to choose those tags that most fully characterize the content of the video. If you copy tags that other authors use, then your video will simply not be found among the same labels.

Do not prescribe popular tags that do not relate to the content of the video, in the hope of increasing popularity.

It is necessary to prescribe both general tags, and special – for example, keywords, the names of people mentioned in the video.

Develop a channel

Spread the new video at least once a week. Without regular updates, your channel will be forgotten. It is recommended to schedule and adhere to it so that the audience knows when to expect a new video and on what topic.

Try to make each video interesting and unique.

To ensure that your audience is not “bored” in anticipation of the next video, put the “I like” marks on the videos of other users, promote other content.

Keep in touch with the audience every day, not just when you post a new video.

Helpful Tips

  • Make a thumbnail of the video original and eye-catching, as people decide if they should watch the movie, that’s it.
  • Do not publish videos with pornographic content, with content that offends people according to their national, social sign, etc.
  • Do not violate copyrights.
  • Spread only those videos that match the stated topic.
  • Do not enter your phone number, address, or other personal information.
  • If you can not come up with your original idea, use parodies or video responses.
  • Treat the process easily and playfully, but at the same time, do not be lazy and constantly create new videos.
  • When you become popular and achieve heights, you do not need to become a vain egoist. Remember that your audience and subscribers are the people who led you to success.

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