5 Ways to Optimize Your Business Locations for Voice Search

Ways to Optimize Your Business Locations for Voice SearchYou just heard about voice search, if you are interested in Internet marketing trends. But how does this help your business? How will the results affect?

How would you ask a question in the search for Google and a living person about the president of Nicaragua? Most likely, in the search engine you would have introduced: “The President of Nicaragua”, and in the second case the question would sound something like this: “And who is the president now in Nicaragua?”. And what would you say to Siri (Voice Assistant on the IPhone)? I’m sure you would have given about the same voice command as a living person. Without realizing this, you change your behavior.

Today, voice input is increasingly popular. From ordinary SMS-messages and letters in social networks to software, various reports and complex accounting software. For entrepreneurs and marketers this is a good sign. These technologies will help achieve greater personalization and give many useful benefits.

Who uses voice search?

Very soon the popularity of this type of search will greatly increase. And if for the age category 18-43 the use of new technologies is normal, then the increase in activity among users of the 44+ has greatly surprised the developers and researchers. Perhaps this is due to the fact that for the older category of people, voice search is easier than small buttons and flat screens.

Google conducted its research and got the result: the voice search coefficient is growing much faster than the textual one. Researchers explain this by the fact that it is more comfortable for people to use speech commands and see the quality of the results. The number of errors in speech recognition by search engines decreased from 25% to 8% in just 2 years. And people, in turn, use more natural suggestions to perform a search.

Why do we use voice search? Maybe we need an assistant to simplify our life.

It’s all interesting, but how can it help you in business? Voice requests produce results in the search. It is on them that you should pay attention. Do your ads appear as a result of a voice request?

How to use voice search

Consider the 5 most important differences between such requests and text.

1. Length of request
Not surprisingly, when typing in, short key phrases in 2-3 words work best. Thus the person does not use the offer. Just a few words that reflect the purpose of the search. But when using the voice search engine, the key phrase is much longer.

What to do about it?

Most likely, you already use 1-2 keywords, for example:

  • fishing;
  • fishing gear;
  • camping;
  • everything for fishing;
  • for lovers of fishing.
  • add longer and more convenient for voice queries keywords.

For example:
how much is the rod for fishing;
when the opening of the fishing season;
the best places for rest and fishing;
the highest quality fishing gear.

2. Questions

Voice search differs from the textual use of interrogative phrases. Entering the query into the search bar, you use the computer language: “Vacation in the Canaries”. Pronouncing the phrase in the voice search, use the spoken language: “Which tour operator has the best package tours to the Canary Islands”?

What to do?

Try adding some questions to the list of key phrases.

For example, for a company that sells holidays in the Canaries, you can take such examples:

How much does an air ticket cost to the Canary Islands?
How much does it cost to fly to the Canaries?
Where can I find information about the rest in the Canary Islands?
What is the best holiday package in the Canaries?
When is the best time to travel to the Canaries?
You can also exclude irrelevant phrases and questions:

Who lives in the Canaries?
What time is it in the Canary Islands?

3. Intention

This is the most important difference. Natural language shows what a person plans to do. For example, if he enters a “laptop” query, you do not know exactly whether he is going to buy, browses pictures, studies the latest news, or does research by comparing models.

The use of natural language changes everything. The question type shows what exactly a person is going to do. This is important when displaying the results in the issuance.

And this is good news for you. Now you can show your advertising specifically to those who want to buy, or “warm up” potential customers. This improves ROI and conversion rate.

What to do?

Identify keywords that are searched most often;
Optimize them, and set your bids.
Consider dynamically replacing information in your ad and on the site, depending on the request. This will make your advertising as personalized as possible.

4. Local Search

Mobile voice search, in contrast to text, is 3 times more efficient with local queries. What does this mean for local entrepreneurs? That you need to take time to voice search and change the approach. It is with his help that you will find customers.

What to do?

If you have a business that is relevant for a certain area, it is important for you to improve your strategy. Because using a voice search you have a better chance of getting new customers.

Learn the keywords relevant to your business and product. Think:

Do you need landmarks that will become a clue to customers.
What sights can become landmarks.
How people describe your location in a natural conversation.

5. Faster responses and actions

Voice search yields accurate answers in search results faster than text search. This is due to the presence of question words. They are closely related to local queries. For example, “Where is the best Thai food next to me?” And “Where can I rent a car today?”. These are explicitly local queries. They run ads in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), which allow the user to act without going to the web page.

If your potential client wants to see the reviews or call, make sure that he does not need to go to the site. This will help you stand out from the competition. Respond to requests, give information and options for action immediately in the search results.

What to do?

Make sure that the links and contacts on your sites work and are always active. Use all the advantages of SERP for voice commands. For example, is your company address correct? What about the hours of your work and your phone number? Do you have any feedback from clients that you need to answer?

Keep track of every little thing. The result is worth it.


This is the 5 main differences between voice search and text:

  1. For voice commands, people use longer queries.
  2. The natural language is more questions.
  3. Voice search shows what the intentions of a potential customer are.
  4. Voice search is of great importance for local entrepreneurs …
  5. .. and greatly affects the speed of obtaining information.

One of the biggest expectations from using such technologies is that they will exceed our needs. Imagine, you walk in the park in the morning. Your phone tracks and transmits information. You felt that you were very hungry. They took advantage of the voice assistant. He found out that now it’s breakfast time, and the weather is a bit cold and wet. If you ask where the nearest cafe is, the phone will show you the search results. And since your assistant knows that you adore fresh croissants, as a consequence – in your phone only the best places with the most delicious pastries.

Well, if you are the owner of this establishment, you can quickly apply such technologies to your institution and get new hungry customers.

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