Ways to promote IT product and IT service company

Ways to Promote Your IT Product or ServiceThe founders and employees of technology companies suffer from a lot of intelligence and need those who can simply and briefly explain the essence of the product to potential customers, investors and the media.

There are some simple tips to make the promotion of the company’s IT product more meaningful and effective.

User Stories

Do not exacerbate the situation and do not try to think up something out of the way that your founder does not have to struggle painfully through the too original and often hypocritical epithets describing the product. Instead, describe the functionality of the service, its distinctive features and “pain.” What is pain? This is a description of the problem that you hope to solve with your product. Best looks in a household case. Tell us how the staff of one of the banks terribly long and drearily collected comments about their work on websites, forums and social networks. About how they cried, searched for references, cried again and did not understand how to analyze the entire information-knocking down stream. But then you appeared. Not quite experienced, not entirely communicative, but very diligent, not wishing to benefit, but only to improve the world a little. It’s enough.

Turn on emotions

No article, speech or negotiations should not do without emotional overtones. As described earlier, you need to convince people that the problem is, it is common and very spoils work or life. Inside IT are accustomed to using the facts, but it should be recognized that it is the most heated discussions that have an emotional background. Many of us remember by heart the songs or quotes from the film that were watched ten years ago, but only rare birds remember the moments of a working meeting of the week ago. Even if there were many, many facts and graphs. It is worth remembering only one thing. We sell the idea and sell it to people, and people do not like diagrams, at least, most of them. Write about the product fun and interesting.


The technology works in two directions.

The first thing you need to do is to stop pressuring the boss and try to write it down in a circle by the stage speech, and then get to lead a stylistically thoughtful instagram. We, little humanities, are used to working for the public, but demonstrative being does not necessarily have to like your founder. There is nothing wrong. Just sit in a quiet office and carefully consider the promotion tools and choose the most comfortable social networks. And instagram will wait, although it is possible, your Frontend-developer makes great photos and will gladly post the posts with beautiful cacti and highlighted keyboards.

The second point, which is no longer connected with the persona of the boss, concerns the definition of his audience. Of course, the great creator of the software product wanted to spit on some strangers, but the rules of the market have not been canceled yet. Alan Cooper, the so-called “Visual Basic Father,” has long since formulated the concept that a developer should define an average user of the system. The essence of the concept is that if you want to develop effective software, then it must be designed for a specific person. The idea is also true for progress. Form a portrait of your user and only after that publish articles on thematic portals.

Strong base

Do not need to convulsively send out press releases with the use of huge Excel spreadsheets, although this is not so bad at first. Concentrate on communication with existing customers and try to make their life as easy as possible.

Explain the functionality of the service, do newsletters with updates and do not forget to call and are interested in listening to problems. It is empathy that will make you a good employee in the IT sphere, because sympathy and sincere interest in ordinary users are often not enough here. You need to establish feedback between the client and the developer to see all the problems and shortcomings of your product.

Do not forget about the strategy. Get together with colleagues and think a little about what values ​​and messages you would like to convey to customers, where you are striving and what is your main goal.

Love your colleagues and customers and do not try to change them.

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