90 Creative Social Media Marketing Ideas

90 Creative Content Marketing IdeasAll marketers know about the benefits of promoting projects in social networks. But experts often do not know what content to publish. In this article, you will find 90 ideas that will help support SMM campaigns.

  1. Continue the thought. “If I Were Rich, then …” – offer the audience to continue this or other thoughts.
  2. Photos in the format “behind the scenes”. Publish photos of employees during work, satisfied customers. Suitable photos from corporate parties and industry events.
  3. Quotation. Funny and inspirational quotes of famous people are always a success.
  4. Statistics. Graphs and diagrams with data related to your field of activity are always in demand.
  5. Repeated announcements of successful publications in the blog. Links to popular articles will never hurt.
  6. Questions. Ask the audience simple questions related to your business.
  7. Announcements of your guest posts. If your article is published on an authoritative industry resource, immediately notify the subscribers about it.
  8. Branded photos. Look at the far corners of the hard drive pictures that have your company logo. It’s good if the image is funny.
  9. Infographics. You can advertise someone else’s infographic or create your own.
  10. Photos of your product. These photos can be published on Pinterest or Instagram.
  11. Photos that cause positive emotions. Do not try to connect them with your business. Your subscribers will surely appreciate the sunset photos or smiling child.
  12. Link to a discussion or dispute. If you argue with colleagues on a forum or in comments to a blog post, refer to this dispute.
  13. Opinion of users. Ask subscribers to share your opinion about your product.
  14. Photos of your product. Publish a photos of your product in the process of assembly or production.
  15. Reposting photos from Pinterest or Flickr. In these social networks you will find many interesting images worthy of attention of your audience.
  16. Share a link to a useful resource. This can be an industry blog, a new service or a guide written by your colleagues.
  17. Publish the presentation on SlideShare. And share the link with the subscribers.
  18. Refer to the useful case. Many people consider this format to be more interesting than standard blog posts.
  19. Helpful advice. Publish useful advice related to your business.
  20. Ask users to write a review of your product. Motivate them and reward the most active.
  21. “Share” photos of customers who are associated with your business or product. They can be found by the corresponding hashtags.
  22. Recommend users a free tool. For example, share with them information about the program with which you make gif-animation.
  23. Recommend to users a useful book related to your field of activity. If it is freely available, leave a link.
  24. Describe the working day of a member of your company. It can be a photoreport with a little description. Refer to this content.
  25. Recommend your favorite products. If you sell bicycles, then you must be an avid cyclist. Share with the public personal preferences.
  26. Periodically share with users useful tricks. Make a list and publish them in the following format: “Trick number 9”.
  27. List of top articles. Make a list of the most popular posts in industry blogs. Publish it and explain on the example of several materials why publications have become successful.
  28. Recommend to subscribers of the partners. For example, if you are satisfied with your Internet provider, computer equipment supplier or a cleaning agency, do not spare compliments.
  29. Tell the audience how you are achieving success in business and do not go crazy. Perhaps you are doing yoga, attending psychological training or throwing negative energy with a crossfit? Photos are welcome.
  30. Ask the subscribers for advice.
  31. Confirm that you are human. Publish a photos of your breakfast, killed by your dog sneakers or the devastating effects of yesterday’s party.
  32. Comment on the current events, which are all heard. Avoid political topics.
  33. Recommend an expert. Recommend to subscribe to the page of the industry expert. Say that you yourself get a lot of useful information first-hand.
  34. Share your memories with the audience. Publish photos of the old logo, first products or office in the garage.
  35. Other social networks. Publish on Facebook a link to your profile in Pinterest or another social network.
  36. Publish something funny. Beat the famous meme.
  37. Publish the video. It is better if it is a useful video instruction, for example, in the format of video infographics.
  38. Recommend subscribers a profile of a class specialist on LinkedIn. Perhaps you worked with an excellent designer or photographer. Share your experience with colleagues and customers.
  39. Conduct photos contest. The subject of the photos should be related to your business.
  40. Comment on the topics that are currently being discussed on Twitter. Avoid politics.
  41. Contend with someone from colleagues or industry gurus. Make sure that your subscribers see the discussion.
  42. Publish a funny photos. And ask subscribers to come up with a signature.
  43. Find a video on YouTube that will be interesting to your audience. It can be a funny movie shot on the camera phone, or professional video content created by your colleagues.
  44. Mark the page of your colleagues on Facebook. Show that you are not afraid of competition.
  45. Make a selection of industry news. Watch for current topics using Google Alerts.
  46. Follow the regional holidays. Congratulations to subscribers with Christmas and all praznikami.
  47. Publish the forecast. It can be related to the scope of your business or current events.
  48. Invite subscribers to ask you questions related to the product or business.
  49. Play the devil’s lawyer. Express a controversial point of view. Try to ensure that because of the provocation you do not have enemies.
  50. Publish photos of your employees. Customers should know that they are dealing with living people, and not with “sales manager number 2”.
  51. Share with the subscribers the data on the return of the product. This will help your customers avoid mistakes.
  52. Publish a post in the format “Truth or lie.” Invite subscribers to confirm or disprove the myth.
  53. Uncover popular topic. Find out what Google users are looking for. Post a post on a popular topic.
  54. Select the subscriber of the month. Assign the most active follower of your brand in social networks. Reward the lucky man for the activity.
  55. Share the results of the study.
  56. Offer a discount to users. Limit the time of the offer.
  57. Congratulations to subscribers with little-known holidays. For example, July 25 is the day of the system administrator.
  58. Tell us about the received awards and prizes. Emphasize your professionalism, but do not brag.
  59. Share a link to a profitable share. Or a coupon that your colleagues offer.
  60. Tell us about the news and changes that have occurred in your company. Have new employees been recruited? Have you developed a new product? Did the accountant have a child? Write about it.
  61. Share photos from the latest industry event. Boring pictures few people are interested. Better show subscribers what was happening on the sidelines.
  62. Refer to the opportunity to get something for free. This can be a program, white paper or other useful content.
  63. Thank the audience. Just tell customers thanks for the years they spent with you.
  64. Prepare a series of micro-posts on the same topic. Publish them a few days in a row.
  65. Weekly publish links to the most interesting articles related to your field of activity.
  66. Ask staff to share the funniest case of practice. Publish the story on the brand page.
  67. Create a vivid collection of industry news on Flipboard. And “share” it on Facebook.
  68. Conduct a free seminar using Google+ Hangouts. Publish your video on social networks.
  69. Ask the industry expert. And publish his answer on his social network page.
  70. Give presents to the first five users who will write a comment on your message.
  71. Mention an industry guru in your publication. Mark it in the announcement for publication and ask for your opinion.
  72. Create and publish a photo collage. This can be a brief photoinstruction or entertainment content.
  73. Intrigue your audience. For example, if you publish a photo report from an industry event, try hooliganism: “There are many hot photos under the cut. Be careful, 18 + “.
  74. Publish insider information. Leaders should always know more competitors.
  75. Tell us about non-standard ways of using your product.
  76. Refer to any comment in your blog. This can be an expert opinion or a funny statement of a beginner.
  77. Answer the questions you are often asked. Users are lazy to search the FAQ section of the site.
  78. A letter from the mailing list. Refer to the letter from your mailing list. This will help you start a discussion and attract new subscribers.
  79. Ask for help from subscribers. Ask subscribers to offer you topics for publications.
  80. Useful pages in social networks. Refer to the useful group on Facebook.
  81. Joke. Tell an anecdote or a funny incident from your life.
  82. Examine the content of competitors. Look at what your colleagues publish on social networks. You need the same posts, but they should be better.
  83. Reports. Look for an idea for a post in Google Analytics reports. Share interesting observations with the audience.
  84. Show your employees. If you have a section “Our employees”, refer to it.
  85. Use the service of questions and answers. Find the relevant question on the question and answer sites. Write and publish a detailed answer.
  86. Respond to the mention. And post a response on your page.
  87. Fragment from the article. Publish an interesting excerpt from your article.
  88. Screenshot of the dialog. With the permission of the interlocutor, publish a screenshot of the dialogue in the chat room or in the mail. Comment on the dialogue.
  89. Announce an industry event.
  90. Promote your business. In the end, you created a group or public.

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