SEO Strategy: How to Choose the Best for Your Business

SEO Strategy: How to Choose the Best for Your BusinessLet’s now look in detail at what points should be based on the development of the strategy. After all, a number of points are always important, without which it makes little sense to do so.

1. Objective or purpose

You always need to proceed from the task. This is one of the most important moments on which everything is built.

Tasks and goals are:

  • short-term
  • long-term

Based on how quickly and what result in the end you need to do a SEO strategy.

In today’s realities, those who want to get the fastest result, are at great risk of driving the site under the filter. For example, Google Penguin.

Let’s imagine the situation

At you highly competitive service as “design of interiors” you want as soon as possible to receive clients.

You are not particularly interested in the long term in this case. What can be done?

For example:

  • take 1-3 websites
  • optimize well
  • very actively begin to promote them

As a result, 1 of 3 sites can get a good result and start generating customers with the help of search engine promotion.

But, search engines, pretty quickly cut off such sites. As a result, your site flies from top to nowhere.

It is necessary to clearly understand in this case that:

Best of all, immediately start promoting the site:

  • create a beautiful and convenient site
  • do the selling service pages
  • create content (articles about repair and design)
  • download the site with high-quality thematic links (mostly natural)
  • after half a year to get the desired result.

Content and social networks

In today’s SEO realities, it helps to collect links and traffic to the site.

As a result, we get the right amount of traffic to the site and can regularly increase it.

2. Analysis of competitors

I keep talking about detailed analysis of competitors. Since this has a strong meaning.

This gives you an idea of ​​who does what in the subject, what methods it uses. Due to what they get the result.

Sometimes even a superficial analysis of competitors is enough. But for highly competitive niches, it is better to go through all the details in detail.

What to look for when analyzing competitors?

The main points to which you need to pay attention:

  1. Backlinks
  2. Website traffic
  3. Site visibility in search engines
  4. Content of the site
  5. Internal optimization

It’s important to explore each of the moments to understand what the site is doing well.

And now we pass to the third point, from which, in principle, everything depends on the development of an SEO strategy.

3. Budget for promotion

Without a budget, we will not be able to translate into reality no SEO strategy. A budget for content and links is needed.

Ideally, the SEO strategy should be built on tasks and goals. But in reality, in most cases, from having a budget.

In fact, if you approach well, the resources are good money. Which do not pay off as quickly as we would like.

This must be taken into account first.

Who needs a SEO strategy

It is needed for resources that understand the current realities, but want to achieve good results in search traffic to the site.

It’s like an audit, only the goal is to develop an action plan based on the collected data. By which the project owner and the optimizer will act.


To develop a strategy for a normal long-term project is meaningful for at least 3 reasons:

  • find new chips
  • draw up an action plan
  • to understand in detail what is happening in the niche

But the most important in the end is still the action. Without action, no SEO strategy is needed.

And which one to choose? Everything is very individual and depends on the business, budget and tasks before the project.

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