Reputation Management: How To Remove Bad Reviews Online

Reputation Management: How To Remove Bad Reviews OnlineYou offer good goods or services, responsibly treat quality of service and objectively try to give your customers maximum. But even a crystal-clear and honest business is not immune from negative reviews. It is possible that this is a kind of “hello” from competitors or even a trivial trolling. Nevertheless, even a frankly ordered negativity in the network adversely affects the loyalty of the audience, damages individuals and public persons, reduces the credibility of the enterprise and its products.

Only a competent approach to improving the reputation of the company allows you to reduce the efforts of unscrupulous competitors to no and make the image of your organization on the Internet more attractive.

How does negativity on the Internet look like in practice?

Search engine reputation management or reputation management in the network is a whole complex of activities that includes working with online media, forums, social networks, call sites and many other channels. Thanks to a thoughtful strategy and systematic work, it is possible to completely “clean” brand inquiries in the search. The path to this goal includes 4 main directions:

Spread the positive. On the first pages of the issue on brand requests are published publications and materials that contribute to improving the reputation of individuals and companies. For this purpose, a full-fledged content-plan is being developed for placing positive press releases, news, reviews, etc.

Displacement of the negative. It is important to monopolize the target requests and shift the negative to the bottom pages of the issue, which practically do not receive search traffic.

Processing objections. Part of the resources should be sent to the preparation and placement of competent answers to negative articles, comments.

Creation of “lawyers” of the brand. A clear, logical and honest presentation of your position on authoritative Internet websites with a large reach allows you to get a loyal audience and even to some extent win from black PR competitors.

Competent and timely measures will protect your name and business reputation.

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