CPA Marketing: How To Advertise Your Website Online Effectively

CPA Marketing: How To Advertise Your Website Online EffectivelyAttendance of the Website is growing, and orders and calls no longer become. Common situation?

Someone changes one SEO company to another, but no significant changes occur. Meanwhile, the problem lies on the surface, more precisely right before your eyes – this is the website itself. It is not enough simply to attract visitors, you must always work with the web-based tool that generates revenue.

If your main task is to increase profits, then promotion of the website with payment for the result (CPA) is the most effective way to achieve it.

CPA-promotion of the website (Cost Per Action or payment for the action) is a model of search promotion, in which the client pays only for the orders, calls or any other pre-determined actions on the website.

This scheme significantly changes the rules of the game. Now the agency and the client work together to increase profits from the website!

What is the advantage of this interaction for the client?

  • The main advantage of CPA-promotion is that the client pays only for the real result (committed orders, calls, applications, purchases), and not for ways to achieve it (increase traffic or position in the SERP).
  • Do not ever have to depend on the changes in the algorithms of the search engines or worry about the agency’s bad faith when buying links.
    The website is constantly working: it is modernized, improves selling abilities, makes it convenient and friendly for users. All this gives a high percentage of converting visitors to its customers.
  • Unlimited list of targeted requests gives the maximum coverage of potential customers.
  • The efficiency of the work is estimated using the services¬†¬†Google Analytics. Professional web statistics systems allow not only tracking the targeted actions of visitors on the website, but also calculate the cost price of selling individual products and services, as well as a lot of other useful information for your business.
  • This scheme of work is quite effective in practice and gives results from the first month of promotion.

For which websites is suitable

Practically for everyone, but with some reservations. The most relevant is this service for companies engaged in direct sales of goods or services, i.e. for online stores, insurers, ticket reservation services and hotel, travel companies, etc.

Let’s see what the target actions are, depending on the type of website:

  • If it is an online store, then most likely it will be a transaction (purchase).
  • Forwebsite providing services, you need to track calls using Call Tracking technology, applications from the site or visiting, for example, the “Contacts” page.
  • The target for the information websites can be a visit to a specific page, or the involvement of users, i.e. viewing three or more pages.

In any case, the targeted actions are always adjusted in accordance with the specifics of the business and the challenges that lie ahead.

What works includes promotion of the CPA

1.Configuring Web Analytics

The first thing on the website is to set up the counters of the Google Analytics analytics system and set up goals (the sequence of transitions for the target action), if this is an online store, then the e-commerce module is also added, which will provide more information about users.

2.Connecting the phone tracking service
The website hosts a special code and makes all the necessary changes to fix the number of calls from the site. Further all information on calls is transferred to the system for collecting analytics, for example, Call Tracking.

3.Website usability audit

The website is analyzed from the point of view of its ergonomics for users. In particular, we analyze such site parameters as:

  • Design;
  • graphic elements;
  • website navigation, ease of navigation by section;
  • the content of the site (perception of textual information, stylistics and content design);
  • website functionality (basket, search, feedback forms, which the user interacts with when performing the targeted action).

4.Technical audit of the website

Checking the technical compliance of the website with the requirements of search algorithms. It is an important element for further promotion. allows to identify and correct the main problems of the resource.

5.Internal optimization

  • Identification of errors leading to incorrect indexing of the website;
  • Optimization of content on the website;
  • Drawing up an internal reference structure of the website;
  • Daily monitoring of the website;
  • Tracking the uniqueness of the text content of the website.

6.External optimization

  • Registration of a website in search engines;
  • Writing unique thematic articles;
  • Placement of articles on thematic sites;
  • Monitoring of the website’s positions and subsequent updating of the website promotion strategy;
  • Regular monitoring of reference mass.

About the features

As with any other method, CPA promotion has its own characteristics:

  • First, you need to understand that attracted orders (calls) are not yet clients. The actual number of orders will depend on the quality of the work of the call center or sales department specialists.
  • If you are used to planning a budget for a year ahead, then this method will probably not suit you. Under such a scheme, costs are rather volatile, since it is impossible to accurately predict the number of actions in the future at the stage of signing a contract.
  • If you want fame, then the CPA is not just for you. It should be understood that this method works exclusively to increase the conversion from your website and increase sales, while it is not entirely aimed at the formation of demand and increase the level of recognition of the brand.

In conclusion
And for the moment CPA-promotion is the most effective way to increase profits from the website:

  • Constant growth of sales;
  • Only the result is paid;
  • The most optimal spending on online advertising;
  • Lack of financial risk.

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