How Viral Video Has The Potential To Promote Your Brand

How Viral Marketing Has The Potential To Promote Your BrandViral video is widely used on the Internet to drive traffic to the site. Internet marketers have long mastered this technique, but if you use the opportunities of social networks together with video marketing, you can increase the growth of targeted visitors to your site.

The first thing to do is forget about “stupid” videos with young children, funny animals, dances or crazy stunts. It’s all an un-targeted video, although it’s gaining thousands of views on the web.

Pay attention to the video, which accurately hits the target, in a certain theme or market niche. A company that provides real estate services can rent an exciting video about country houses or make a presentation of their company. Nightclub simply has to show the atmosphere in its establishment, famous visitors, good music in the background. A programmer must show the results of his work – a complex computer project, which works flawlessly.

The Google search engine ranks video from YouTube with a special “preferential” method. Therefore, it is possible that a high-quality video will be released into “top” queries on the key phrase. This is the most important, because the cost of creating a video will pay off with interest.

There is a logical question, how to transfer traffic from video to your site. That is, how to entice a potential client? There are several ideas:

– make an offer for a free bonus on your website (reports, consultations, demos, MP3s, etc.)
– ask people for their opinions or invite them to participate in a survey that will be on your site. Successfully combine this method with some “freebie”.
– Do not share in the video on YouTube all information or history. Get people to go to your site.
Here you need to know a bit of psychology. While you own the attention of people, you must skillfully encourage them to visit your site. If you do not offer specific instructions for the transition, then a person will simply go to watch other videos on YouTube.

But first of all you need to create a competent video. Here are some guidelines for creating:

  • Brainstorm with customers or friends. This method has long been known. Collect more people and offer them a reward for a good idea for the video. It’s no secret that all people think differently. And a variety of ideas are born in their heads.
  • Individuality is the secret of success. Nobody makes you create a blockbuster like that of Spielberg. The main goal of video marketing is to establish a strong connection with the audience. To learn about the videos you like, just type in Google “popular videos”. See what will be found in the results. This will be the ideal model for creating a viral clip.
  • Viral video should entertain the audience. The most important thing in a video is to send a marketing message. If you are carried away by continuous advertising, then the viewer will quickly determine this, and there will be no viral effect. First of all, you need to entertain the audience, weaving the advertising idea.
  • Duration of the video. Popular videos always last no more than 2 minutes. This interval is sufficient for the maximum result from the views. If you have a video much longer, simply break the information into several parts.
  • Use the video editor. The viewer will go to your site if he receives a specific instruction in the video. And how to write words on top of a video? To do this, use the video editor Windows Movie Maker, or other similar to it. With the help of video editors you can make text in video or beautiful special effects.
  • Think of an intriguing title. It is very important. Good or “catchy” headlines attract many viewers at once. And if the name is not interesting, then no one will open the video.
  • Help in creating a video. If you doubt your abilities, then you can create a video with the help of other people. Advertising agencies are well versed in this topic. All their activities involve attracting customers, so they can easily make a quality viral video.
  • Download the video and the following plans. After uploading the video on YouTube, you need to look at the activity of the viewers in it. If it is not enough, you will need more videos, but do not forget to put a link to your Internet resource at the end of each. Keep an interesting conversation in the comments to your videos.
  • Select a category. When uploading a video, select the relevant category. The closer the topic of your video will be to the topic of the category, the more targeted viewers will go to see it.
  • Pick up bloggers and add a video to social networks. Famous bloggers who are popular on the web can collect in their diaries a suitable audience for the promotion of your video. Send them by email your video or a link to it. There is a chance that the blogger will create a viral effect. Create your own pages in social networks, there is also a target audience that can be attracted by your video.

After all the action, you just have to watch how the audience treats your video. Communicating in the comments can help in the promotion of your video. The more popular your video becomes, the more there will be a transition to your site. So, its position in Google will rise.

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