How to Attract New Visitors to Your Website

How to Attract New Visitors to Your WebsiteThe world of online marketing is “crazy” for attracting traffic. If you are going to use your website as the “headquarters” of your online marketing business, then traffic is really important.

But attracting traffic is just a small part of a huge marketing puzzle. What is the use of the fact that your site will be visited by crowds of consumers, but none of them will acquire anything or if visitors once make a purchase and never return to your site?

You need clients who will not want to leave your site, who will like what you offer and they will share this information with others who will constantly use your services.

Today, let’s look at three incredibly important components of the online marketing equation:

  1. Attract a client to the site
  2. Keep the visitor
  3. Convince to make a purchase

Attracting visitors
To increase the traffic you need, make a lot of effort. In the era of the birth of the Internet, everyone believed that you can succeed in Internet marketing only by creating a website. But this strategy has not justified itself.

What is needed for this?
SEO / SEM strategies have proven themselves well, but they need to be approached with caution.

The SEO method is quite complex, expensive, time-consuming and yields results only in the long term. The SEM method is an effective way to attract the target audience, but no less complex and expensive.

Remember! If you have little experience using any of these methods, use the services of a highly qualified specialist.

SEO and SEM receive the lion’s share of attention from marketers trying to drive traffic to their websites, but they are not the only tools that can be used to find new customers. Let’s look at a few more methods to drive traffic:

Social networks
Social networks are an excellent tool for informing potential customers about your products and services. Do you have a blog where you constantly post fresh content? Every time you post a new article, make an announcement about it in social networks.

Specify a link to the article and write an intriguing title that encourages visitors to click on the link as soon as possible.

Note! If you decide to blog, then make it a part of your site.

Events and exhibitions
Public speeches can also be included here. Very often this is a good way to drive traffic, but you will have to prepare in advance. Print out booklets and brochures before the event to give out to potential customers. In the booklet, indicate the address of your website and the reason why it should be visited.

Text messages
A good idea is to use text messages as a marketing method if you own a small retail business. Send messages with a link to the version of your site, optimized for mobile devices. Do not forget to add the reason why your site is worth a visit, perhaps it will be a sale announcement.

We keep the visitor on the site
Congratulations! You have used all of the above techniques, and now you have a steady stream of customers. You are on your way to your goal of creating a profitable online business, but you have not yet reached the goal.

Remember, more traffic does not always mean more sales. Visitors need to convince the site to buy the goods.

Your main task – as long as possible to keep the client on the site. The longer he is “in the store,” the more likely that he will buy something. Large supermarkets are “built” in such a way that visitors buy as much goods as possible. Each of us has ever visited a supermarket to buy one product, and went out with a full basket of products.

You can also use this tactic in online marketing, but you will need to take drastic measures to ensure that new visitors do not leave your page for a long time.

How to do it?

  1. Add the image to the website, preferably to the main page, since it originates from all visitors to it. Do not use boring images that do not carry a meaningful load and simply fill the empty space on the page.
  2. The person first of all pays attention to the image, not to the text. Therefore, pictures can attract new visitors and interest them, but in order for them to have a desire to “stay”, images must be backed up by text content.
  3. The text, in turn, should be aimed at the needs of customers. They came to your site because they wanted to find solutions to their problem. Show them that you have what they are looking for.
  4. The content on your site should be easy to perceive – short paragraphs, simple sentences, keywords that allow the visitor to find the right information by browsing the text quickly. These may be sentences highlighted in bold and italics, headings, subtitles, relevant images, etc.
  5. Navigation on the site, too, should be simple and intuitive. Imagine you first arrived at your site. Ask yourself as objectively as possible, what impression does the website make? Make the necessary changes.
  6. If you want visitors to stay longer on your site, do not distract them with unnecessary information, do not place many links to affiliate sites or ads. Traffic will fall, since you yourself will provide visitors with other great offers to choose from.

How to get visitors back to your site!
Now that you have increased traffic, and visitors have long been lagging behind you on the site, it remains to persuade them to return regularly to your page. This will increase your chances of selling the product.

What is needed for this? Proven tool – email marketing. For many marketers, this method has helped build a successful business. What prevents you from doing the same thing?

Here’s how you can combine email marketing and blogging to attract customers: when you post a blog post, send a message to all of your subscribers about it. Put some of the first few sentences from an article on the blog into your message to intrigue the readers. The trick is that they will need to go to the site to read the post completely.

The main goal
So why do you need traffic? Why do visitors spend a lot of time on your site? Why do they come to your page over and over again? The answer to all these questions is because you need to increase sales. To achieve this, a lot of effort will have to be made.

It would be insulting to spend a lot of time and effort, and in the end do not sell. How to turn a visitor into a buyer? To do this, you need to create a proper landing page that would reinforce all your efforts, and not distract visitors from making a purchase.

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