How Do Online Reviews Affect Your Search Engine Rankings

How Do Online Reviews Affect Your Search Engine RankingsWorking with reviews is not only a tool for reputation management, but also a good mechanism that has a beneficial effect on the promotion of your site. Before ordering reviews, decide where you want to publish them. Reviews can be posted:

  • On thematic forums and blogs;
  • In social networks, thematic groups, notes on the walls;
  • On services that facilitate the selection of goods for customers.

First, the availability of reviews about products significantly affects the growth of traffic on low-frequency requests, since the feedback of each user increases the relevance of the site.

Secondly, the reviews add one more unique content that is able to dilute the dry standard technical characteristics of the product, which are not easily identifiable. Undoubtedly, additional unique content will affect the increase in traffic in the most positive way.

Thirdly, the feedback system is able to keep potential customers from switching to other sites. A number of studies conducted showed that three quarters of users, before making a purchase, try to familiarize themselves with reviews of previous customers. And if your site does not have them, then the probability that the client will go looking for them elsewhere, of course, increases.

Fourth, displaying reviews on the product in the snippet can significantly increase the clickability in search results. Ensure that information about reviews appeared in the snippet can be thanks to the semantic markup that is widely used by the Google search engine.

But for statistics, reviews about the purchased product on the site leave no more than one and a half percent of all Internet buyers. The problem of low customer activity and lack of feedback is very acute for many services.

Some of them found a solution with the help of follow-up letters, which they send to their customers who have already made purchases, with a request to leave a review about the purchased product on the site. It is desirable that this letter was written in an unobtrusive form.

There are services created to combine customer reviews of products in one place. If you believe Western data, such a specialized third-party system collects ten times as many unique reviews of the product, rather than reviews on your own content.

Product reviews on their own website have a huge impact on traffic growth and a positive impact on conversion, and specialized third-party systems can increase the number of reviews several times.

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