The Secrets to Effective Advertising

The Secrets to Effective AdvertisingAdvertising is the engine of progress. When an advertising campaign is conducted without a clear idea of ​​how to achieve a specific result, it is difficult to assess the usefulness of such actions. After the next money wasted, the owners of Internet projects think about the expediency of the chosen course for popularization of the offered products / services. Obviously, advertising for the site will be beneficial only if certain rules are strictly observed, which we will tell right now.

1: determine who your client is

Agree, it is difficult to create loud advertising slogans, not knowing at all, which client audience it is designed for. To do this, you should conduct a thorough analysis of who your potential client is. Determine its gender, age, location, occupation, list of preferences. Learn about it all, which will establish clear guidelines for future commercials.

2: create a high-quality advertising proposal

You might think that it will be necessary to talk about all commodity positions in one promo-material, intended for quick familiarization by the potential client. Do not pursue volume – better focus on several key criteria for how your proposals can benefit. If it turns out that there are advantages over competitors, then advertising for the site will be even more complex and effective.

For example, a new smartphone from Sony we offer to purchase on terms of interest-free installment, for a period of 1 year. In addition, there are discounts or gifts for customers who have simultaneously made several purchases. If you hurry with the decision, it will be possible to take part in the rally of a brand new TV.

The main thing – do not create “air” facts. For example, at our prices, a gaming laptop is offered almost free of charge, or this product you will enjoy all your life. The consumer was initially skeptical about such proposals. He is interested in accurate data, close to reality.

Think carefully about your advertising proposal so that the client can get answers to the following questions: why you need to buy products of this company, why specific products should be purchased here, why you need to hurry with the decision.

3: choose the right way to advertise

Previously, it was possible to find a lot of advertisements only in newspapers, magazines, leaflets from promoters, but Internet technology changed everything. Create a comfortable Internet site, where you will advertise online store or another type of website. Here you can go a few ways, each of them is characterized by its usefulness.

Account in social networks.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube – these resources are used by millions of people every day. Filling of the tape can be carried out by staff members or freelancers. The main audience is young people, beginning entrepreneurs.

Selling website. A well-designed Internet project can bring frenzied popularity, because everything directly depends on the performers. The audience is from youth to business people.

Advertising banners on third-party web resources. Practice shows that advertising online store using this method is extremely effective, but immediately after publication, the effect will gradually fade. Thus, abusing regular placement is strongly discouraged.

If you manage to fulfill the first two rules, you can proceed to the complex implementation of the third one, actively using each of the above advertising tools.

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