5 Tips for Computer Eye Strain Relief

5 Tips for Computer Eye Strain ReliefIf you spend every day at the computer for several hours in a row, you probably often experience negative consequences from such a regime: your eyes are burning, your neck hurts, blurred vision, throbbing headache – these symptoms are a symptom known as eye strain

In medical terms, it is also called computer vision syndrome. It arises from the effects on the eyes of a bright backlight monitor and general office or home lighting for a long time.

And no matter how safe the monitors, the long work behind them in any case leads to eye strain. Fortunately, there are simple methods and exercises that will help you solve this problem if you use them every day.

1. Adjust the position of your monitor

Yes, a simple adjustment of the position of your monitor will allow you to significantly reduce the strain on your eyes. In addition, adjust it so that the upper part of the monitor is just at the level of your eyes, so that while you are working on it, you are looking down at it, not up.

2. Adjust the optimum lighting

Never place the monitor so that it creates glare from natural or artificial lighting – this is very tiring eyes. The light should never be directed in front of or behind you, because it will create additional tension on your eyes.

If the fluorescent lamps can also be turned off, then you can protect yourself from natural light with cardboard visors or simply transfer to another place. You can also install a desk lamp next to it, which will create alternative lighting.

3. Use exercise 20-20-20

It is very simple: every 20 minutes, distract from work and look at any object at a distance of 20 yards for 20 seconds. This exercise will allow you to stretch the tense muscles of the eyelids and give them a break from the bright light of the monitor.

4. Wear glasses for monitors

Artificial lighting in combination with the natural and illuminated monitor inevitably affects the vision. If you work in conditions where there is no way to avoid a combination of such lighting, then the use of special computer glasses can be the solution.

They use special glass with a yellow tint, which compensates for the cold, blue light from the monitor. Sometimes they even use lenses that offer a small increase, harmless to the eyes, thereby making it more convenient to read small text from the monitor.

5. Put things close

Another simple way to relieve fatigue from the eyes is in a certain arrangement of your things near the table. You probably have things that you often use or just look at them. Place them near the monitor and look at them occasionally, just to be distracted from the monitor.

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