Advanced Tactics to Combine Your Social Media and Content Marketing

Advanced Tactics to Combine Your Social Media and Content MarketingThe world of marketing changes every day. New tools and technologies are emerging, new generations are demanding more and more, so the quality bar is still growing. During the day, more content appears on the Internet than the recipient is able to process. Looking at the changes in the area of ​​Social Media, which took place over the years, one thing is certain – content marketing is the most promising investment in the future of business.

Content marketing is still a relatively new phenomenon. Only a few years ago, marketers treated the content mainly as a supplement. Content played a minor role rather than a key role in business.

It has changed. Marketing of the past used unilateral conversations with consumers, while modern marketing opens the door to two-way conversations and customer relations as never before. This translates into the success of many enterprises. Content is one of the best tools for gaining trust, building a brand, generating website traffic and acquiring leads.

Next year, entrepreneurs will continue to invest in content marketing because it has a high level of competitiveness compared to other tools.

If you want to keep up with the trends that have shown their effectiveness, think about using a team of specialists creating relevant and interesting content for your target audience.

The strategy will become more important.
The power of content is powerful, but it will not solve every business goal you set. This tactic requires a flagship strategy to maximize their effectiveness and ensure audience involvement.

Companies have different goals, so content strategies do not work the same. However, general goals such as generating leads and SEO are commonplace, and from that onwards, companies can adapt strategies that meet the most important goals.

What will be the trends in social media?

Video marketing is rightly called the future of content marketing. And it will also be one of the best trends in creating websites. Cisco specialists believe that in 2019 the amount of video will take up 80% of all internet traffic. Also, many marketers claim that the social media segment will be dominated by content video. The wide introduction of the video format opens up many possibilities, which are for example:

  • Convenience in the process of self-service;
  • Interaction only when needed;
  • Providing information in a timely manner and no need to have sales staff.

The most important thing is that the video answer the main questions of customers. A special trend that deserves attention is streaming. In many industries, this technique has shown how effective it can be to use live streaming to maintain the brand’s reputation. There is a simple explanation – a business that uses live streaming is highly trusted. Companies that use this method show their clients – we have nothing to hide.

According to research, people spend much more time on the Internet than watching TV. For this reason, it can be predicted that companies will spend less money on TV commercials, and more on online video, social media and online advertising.

Moreover, as experts predict, chatbots will become more popular and more frequently used by companies.

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