Tips for Creating the Perfect Social Media Content

Tips for Creating the Perfect Social Media ContentThe main issue with social activity has always been and remains: “What should I write on facebook?” What to write about to keep the attention of the audience?

Each business goes through three stages of development with a social network:

Interest: when a business learns to be interesting for its subscribers and they return to read news, comment, repost, share this news.
Benefit: a very important stage, we help subscribers expand their horizons, we give useful information for making decisions, facilitate their choice.
Necessity: at this stage, the business receives conversions from activity on social networks. The product at the subscriber is on the surface of consciousness, and in case of need of a product, the subscriber remembers your business.
The biggest mistake of the content strategy is its absence, as well as the decision not to revise the effectiveness of its actions, not to find new ways of development.

True content strategy on Facebook

  1. What you want to tell your audience (a story about your products, services, their benefits).
  2. What you have to say.
  3. What the audience wants to hear (useful information that educates the audience and makes life easier for them).

According to the international study “Wave”, entertainment is the key task of human presence in social networks. Entertainment content should be associated with the main mission and unique business advantage.

Entertainment content includes:

  • humor (professional jokes, cards, motivators);
  • book, music, movies;
  • contests;
  • unofficial posts.

Branded content:

  • recommendations on goods and services, explanation and popularization;
  • request for feedback, polls – you show real customers how much you are interested in their opinions, criticism, recommendations;
  • projects with your partners, charitable, social;
    company’s news;
  • posts “From the life of the office”, about employees who increase loyalty to your brand.

Personalities include:

  • experts: internal – employees, external – partners,
  • colleagues in the market;
  • loyal customers;
  • brand advocates;
  • opinion leaders.

Industry content includes:

  • trends;
  • analytics;
  • tips;
  • reports;
  • market news;
  • infographics;
  • translated materials;
  • cases

Content Marketing Cycle
The first step in the content marketing cycle is to research and search for information, checking its relevance before creating a post. The creation phase includes branded content, as this is the author’s content. Industry or educational content is often borrowed content – in this case, it is the optimization stage.

At the publishing stage, the business usually ends up being active, as a result of which social networks do not work. But this is not correct, as the next stage comes – promotion, which includes organic or paid promotion. To be effective, to get the expected result you need to set yourself a certain plan. The goal that you set for Facebook should be specific, specific, measurable, achievable, definite in time.

The content database is a very important tool that allows you to do work in social networks systematically within the framework of the developed strategy, within the framework of the planned schedule.

The content base allows you to reduce the amount of time spent and increase the result that you will receive. The content database includes: key industry portals, sites that are interesting in the context of your promotion, media, resources of fellow experts (blogs, columns, accounts in social networks), youtube, etc. The content database takes up to 100 sources.

Next, every day you need to monitor the content base, find out what’s new, what’s useful appeared in the last 24 hours on these sources. Find interesting content that you want to share (it could be an article, photo, video, infographics).

The second stage is optimization, which includes writing a liner, selection of a thematic picture. Or you can take some of the content from the original article, and then seek comments from experts, partners, to make your own material. This is followed by publication, promotion and evaluation.

It is also important to keep track of what your competitors are doing, to see what they do, what they inspire, where they are going, to adjust their course of advancement.

Trend analysis is also important in terms of strategy. Special websites and applications, monitoring platforms that can understand the dynamics of the market, its direction and future prospects can help. This makes it possible to find unique themes for posts.

Strategy is always a dynamic. The strategy needs to be reviewed at least once every three months. Also important is the step-by-step implementation, the system implementation in your communication activities.

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