Why Does Your SMM Strategy Fail?

Why Does Your SMM Strategy Fail? Do you actually see increase in traffic or sales due to social networks?

If you answered yourself to these questions and still believe that this is one of the channels for managing traffic and sales, then this post is the very time.

Today I want to encourage all desperate people.

If in fact you have not yet seen real results, the reason is one – you do something wrong.

Here are 4 SMM tactics that are no longer working. Check them out, maybe you’re still losing time to some of this list.

Outdated Tactics # 1: Scam Subscribers
Have you ever visited sites that write in your comments on other people’s blogs and Instagram? I’m never On the contrary, it repels and annoys.


Because it’s everywhere. Only the most lazy in our time did not try to use someone else’s popularity to get more subscribers.

Some go further.

Thousands buy subscribers.

The logic is: more subscribers -> I’m cool -> if everyone thinks I’m cool, then buy more.

Only one problem – people understand everything.

For example, a person enters a group and sees a large number of subscribers. What does he do next? Looks for product, activity and content. If he sees how the wind and activities in the group whistle, and in principle there is and was not – he will leave and will not return again.

And he’ll do it right.

Want to see activity? Make quality content that you can not leave without comment.

In addition, now the purchase of subscribers can still damage.

Social networks analyze how many of the subscribers are interested in the content of the group, if the ratio is far from beneficial to the content, its promotion will be reduced, which ultimately results in a significant decrease in traffic.

So, instead of scratching your subscribers, keep track of the content of your competitors. What kind of character is it that causes feedback?

Test yourself and avoid content that does not collect likes, reposts, and comments.

Outdated tactics # 2: Exchange without optimization
Sharing content from a site in social networks is not just Ctrl + C – Ctrl + V is the URL of the page and the post is ready.

If the site is not optimized for social network, you will notice that in the post with the link does not appear picture from the article.

Post without a picture will not attract attention as much as with the picture, even if your title is about landing aliens somewhere in the center of the metropolis.

How to make sure that the site is optimized?

Add meta tags to social networks for content.

Outdated tactics # 3: Everything for self-promotion
Understandably, you want to move in social networks not for the purpose of helping disinterestedly and making everyone happy. (If you are still this rare instance – I take off my hat before hypocrisy).

Goals are quite understandable and realistic – brand growth, increased traffic and sales.

These are quite normal and adequate goals, but here they most often overshadow all around.

If you do not care about your clients, they will sooner or later lose interest and will be signed up.

Everything is simple. Why should they be interested in you if you are not really interested in them?

As soon as you begin to share not only your content, but also the usefulness of other sites, answer questions, just help people, then quickly notice that you have got loyal fans.

Ultimately, such loyal fans are turning into traffic and sales.

When it comes to self-promotion and nothing more about sales can be forgotten.

Legacy Tactics # 4: A lot of social networking buttons on the site
What will you do if you want visitors to share posts from your site?

Add social network buttons to the site, right?

But do you know that too many buttons can damage the traffic?

The tests showed that the optimal number – 3-4 buttons, already lowering the callability by an average of 11%.

So, optimize the buttons, leave only those that resonate with most of your readers.

Picture Credit: akashjoshi772

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