Chrome Plugins For Working With Links

Chrome Plugins for Working with LinksWith these plugins extension for browsers, marketers can simplify working with cross-linking. You can also use a number of them to mention a web resource or determine the presence of non-working “broken” links.

Check My Links

With this extension, you can check for the presence of codes 200/404 on the pages of the site. With Check My Links you can scan a site or page in seconds and find broken links. After scanning, the user is issued a detailed report on links and error codes.

The advantages include the simplicity of settings, of which there are only two. This is an option to exclude links from checking, as well as the type of queries.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

The extension gives all the information on the site with Ahrefs. The plugin can only be installed manually from the publisher’s official website. After installation, you can configure the utility to display all the information about the site, starting with the domain rating and ending with the presence of domains such as donors.

The advantages of the plugin include the ability to conduct a more detailed analysis of the page. And the data on the analyzed resource is issued under the link in the browser.


With the help of this extension, you can greatly simplify the process of adding information to the public blog. You can copy any post you like to your group or page with the date and time.

Is available a redaction of the post before finally posting it to your group, which will make it more unique.

The utility is easy to use, but users note the incorrectness of its work in terms of promoting the community. Non-unique content can cause problems and lower the community in ranking by thematic categories in the general issue.

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