Pay-Per-Click Marketing For Website Promotion

Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Website PromotionIf we decipher the abbreviation PPC (pay-per-click), then we can understand that this is a type of advertising in which every click is paid. This is an ad that appears above the organic (SEO) search results and is flagged as an ad.

Also in Google Ads, there is a type of advertising such as Google Shopping or product advertising, which is great for the eCommerce segment. In this case, ads look like goods with prices.

It should be borne in mind that the image and cost of the product are the determining factors in the choice.

The main advantage of contextual advertising is the speed of launching an advertising campaign. Literally in a day, you can collect the keywords for which you want to promote your site, write ads, fund your account and Google will start showing ads.

Pros of PPC:

  • Quick start and result. Suitable for new sites.
  • Wide customization options. You can customize display regions, display schedules, targeting a specific device type, and even browser language.
  • Good for seasonal businesses and sales.
  • Allows you to use various strategies (conversion optimization, as many impressions as possible, and more).
  • Suitable for testing new niches, services, or products.
  • Allows you to use different ad formats (Google Shopping, KMS banner ads).
  • The ability to set up remarketing (showing your ads on other sites to users who have visited your site and/or performed any actions). Yes, these are the banners that always haunt you on various web resources.

Cons of PPC:

  • Pay-per-click. As soon as the money runs out, your ad will stop showing.
  • Overheated niches have a very high cost per click. For example, in the United States, 1 click on legal topics can reach more than $100.
  • For large sites, the initial stage of PPC requires a time-consuming setup and constant monitoring. The quality of management is highly dependent on the competence of the specialist. Also, this type of advertising requires constant analysis of indicators.
  • Without proper control, it is very easy and quick to spend the entire advertising budget.
  • May not perform well on a small range of products in competitive niches.

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