5 Key Areas of Internet Marketing for Success in 2020

5 Key Areas of Internet Marketing for Success in 2020

If you are striving to improve the position of the company right now, you cannot do without the old and familiar internet marketing tools. Moreover, this year some of them will bring surprises.

1. Content marketing

Content remains a key element of online marketing for a number of reasons:

  • it is a base on the quality of which the success of other areas depends: SEO, SMM, newsletters, etc.;
  • you decide which format of content you prefer — detailed blogs, short posts on social networks, videos, infographics, or a mix of all of the above;
  • this is one of the most inexpensive types of online promotion with a high percentage of leads.

2. SMM 

High-quality content is ready — excellent, now you should think about its promotion in those social networks where your target audience “lives”. The number of advertisers is increasing, the cost of ads is increasing, which means that costs for paid advertising are growing and it’s becoming harder to attract customers. Therefore, it is important to know the basic algorithms and how they affect the position of the company.

For example, the Facebook algorithm introduced in 2017 is responsible for the principle of ranking videos in the user’s news feed.

The values ​​are:

  • user preferences — they watch videos or scroll through;
  • user interest — watch the entire video or just the beginning;
  • involvement — whether they like posts with video content, share them with friends, leave comments, etc.

Based on these criteria, a personalized selection of video content is made in the feed of each user.


You should not strive to fulfill the plan by filling in the blanks with random clips. Only the content requested by the audience is quoted.

3. SEO

Every day, search engines process more than 6.5 billion queries — an impressive number. In 93% of cases, people go online to find the information they need, and in 79% of cases, they use Google.

Facts to Know:

  • 51% of traffic to business sites is generated through organic search, another 10% is obtained using paid search, and 5% is redirected from social networks;
  • in half of the cases, requests consist of 4 words or more;
  • long publications containing more than 1000 words are more important than short ones in terms of ranking;
  • requests from smartphones have become more popular than searches from other gadgets;
  • 30% of requests from mobile phones relate to a local search for goods and services.


The priority is to optimize the content of the site for mobile and voice searches. Small businesses should consider the opportunities that the growing popularity of local search provides. At a minimum, add company data on Google Maps and in the databases of other virtual maps.

4. Analytics

Without tracking key metrics, it’s impossible to figure out what needs to be fixed and how to do it. The new version of Search Console, launched by Google, will help facilitate work. Among the useful functionality:

  • access to business account data for 16 months — now you can view the items in the results for this period and compare them with current data;
  • performance report showing search traffic, its sources, user requests (including from smartphones), pages with the largest and smallest CTRs in search results, etc.;
  • an indexing report that gives an understanding of which web pages the site has been indexed and what to do with those that generated the error.

5. Understanding customer psychology

People are under the vigilant attention of brands, every minute trying to impose their goods or services — on the street, in transport, on TV or gadgets. The vast majority of such advertising not only does not help the client satisfy his needs, but is also specifically annoying. Hence the banner blindness and blocking of advertising messages: every 5th user does this.


Customer loyalty is not won by low prices, but by communication built on sincerity and mutual understanding. Reach out to readers as if they were your friends: show the importance of their opinions, be positive, respond to comments in time.

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