Essential Elements Of Website In 2020

Essential Elements of Website in 2020

Color strength – choose the right colors for your website

Increase readability

The right color can improve page readability by up to 40%. A well-chosen color will help not only to create a modern site, but also to make all the texts easier to read and attractive, and therefore useful to the visitor.

Color is one of the first elements that our brains associate with a given brand. Therefore, it is often the first thing that attracts our attention.

Research at the University of Winnipeg leaves no doubt. On average, a person makes a decision in just 90 seconds after the first interaction with other people or products. From 62% to 90% of the rating about the company and its products are based solely on colors.

Therefore, careful and thoughtful use of colors can not only distinguish your products from competitors but also affect the moods and feelings of potential customers and purchasing decisions.

Choosing the right colors for your site can greatly increase the number of unique site visitors and steadily increase conversions. It also helps to reduce the high bounce rate caused by accidental logins of those network users who are unfortunately not interested in this topic.


Minimalism will continue to dominate the digital landscape in 2020. Additional animations and subtle fading effects will make scrolling more exciting. They give websites the freedom to present their content and at the same time provide more contrasting and clear typography without too many distractions.

Some of them, especially text, move from one area of the page to another. To give this solution the right impression, designers use space efficiently so that users know which elements of the site’s interface they can click on and where to find them.

Minimalism is probably one of the most classic and timeless trends when it comes to modern website design or online shopping. His choice is often associated with aesthetics.

The fewer items and content on a website, the easier it will be for a potential customer to read its content. If the website is designed correctly, it will show the user exactly what he is looking for.

Mobile First – not only adaptation to mobile devices

You no longer need to convince anyone of the need for a mobile version of the site. According to recent research, mobile users spend more than twice as much time online as desktop users. This is definitely a good reason to meet their needs by creating a comfortable environment for browsing websites.

Mobile First

It often happens that the mobile version of the site is considered by the owners as less important. However, if 80% of the users in your industry are people who use smartphones, you should create a mobile page with special care.

To do this, we have the concept of Mobile First. What changes the look at the site preparation stage? Some elements of the website page should look different for mobile devices.

Illustrations on your site

Some companies also use unique custom illustrations to highlight their brand and distinguish their website from others. Graphics can be only a small aesthetic element that is repeated, for example, on business cards, or become the main theme of the site.

Sometimes they even replace popular sliders and backgrounds of individual pages or blog entries.

Hand-drawn retro-style illustrations perfectly match the modern digital design to which we have become accustomed recently. Currently, this is one of the most characteristic features that can be found on modern sites.

We can expect that this trend will begin to develop in the coming years.

You should get used to the idea that drawings and animation will be an alternative to traditional, classic photos of products and other graphic elements of the site.

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